Time Off & Training Changes

It has been SO gorgeous and warm here in KY the past 2 days-finally! This has been the coldest Spring EVER, and I am just ready to be able to wear shorts!! It's supposed to be cool and rainy this weekend for the Derby, but I can only hope that it will go up from there. I'm ready to put my pool up and get my float on!

So anyway, this week I'm taking a week off from the gym, which is absolutely NOT fun for me! Going to the gym is something I really look forward to! But time off every now and then IS necessary-ya gotta do it! So I'm just walking/rollerblading and doing some glute and mobility exercises. I'm not sure what I'm going to do as far as my workouts when I get back...was thinking about having a few weeks without following a planned workout. But once you've gotten used to following a structured plan, it's really hard to just go in and just "wing it"!

I am going to write up a new plan for me to follow eventually, with a few changes to what I've been doing the last few months. I'll still be doing a 4 day upper/lower split, but I'll be increasing the rep range from 3-8 to 6-12 for a more hypertrophy rather than strength focus. I'm going to start adding back in 1-2 days of finishers(one day will be sprints) after my strength training during the week and still go in and do my puke sled pushes on Saturday.

I'll also be swapping out back squats for front squats since I haven't done front squats in, like, FOReverrrrr! I'm also going to switch from barbell deadlifts to trap bar deads and will be adding heavy hip thrusts and glute bridges back in-can't wait!! My goals right now are pretty much just to build up my butt and calves. I don't really have any performance goals right now that I can think of....maybe try to set a new pullup PR eventually. Oh-and after seeing my girl crush/idol Erin Stern do 80lb one arm rows-that is definitely a new goal of mine! :)

Hope everyone's week is going great so far! Does anyone have any goals that they're working towards? Any ideas for me?


  1. When I saw Erin post that video I was blown away! Her form is so good - she makes it look like 10lbs.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your new plan! I'm all in favour of booty-building :)

  2. I know, she's insane! I'm excited for a change...but a little intimidated about going back to writing out my own workout!


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