Take It Outside!

It was such a beautiful morning that I couldn't resist taking my workout outside today! It's just nice to get some fresh air and sweat your butt off in the sun!
Joined by my workout partner, Asher.  Except he didn't do much! ;)
Here's what I did:
1)Single leg squat to chair: 3x10
2)Single leg foot elevated glute bridge: 3x12
3)Single leg calf raise off step: 3x12 w/20lb dumbbell/1x30
4)Band monster walks
1-2-3....10 Goblet squat +
10-9-8....1 arm KB swing

Do you enjoy working out outside?


  1. I love working out in the sun! When I run, I'm always outside. I like to do little circuits in my back yard too, or a deck of cards workout. It's the only time I get to work on my tan!

    1. I usually can't because I need weights, but I think I'm going to start making this an every Saturday thing! I like the deck of cards workout idea!


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