No Substitute

"There is no program, workout plan, DVD, supplement, or diet that can substitute for unwavering desire and unbreakable discipline. Training hard has to become more important than partying, eating clean has to be more important than Happy Hour. Bottom line is - you will reap the results of the path you choose. Decide what YOU want more - and don't you dare complain that you don't reap the results of the way YOU chose to ignore.

Without the mental fortitude, these 'substitutes' will be nothing more than a band-aid that makes you feel better for the moment, but does absolutely nothing for your long-term success. Substitutes don't teach you that your mentality primes your body for progress or that pain paves the way to change. They don't teach you to get back up a 12th time up after being knocked down for the 11th. YOU have to get out of YOUR comfort zone and experience that for YOURSELF. All these substitutes teach you is that you can remain comfortable, put in minimal effort, and not have to make too many sacrifices to obtain tremendous results.

Do yourself a favor...quit lying to yourself, wasting your time, money, and sanity buying into all the crap out there. Get your mind right, get out of your comfort zone, and go do something that's NOT EASY."

-Matt Cappotelli


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