This Month's Training Plan

Trying something a little different with setting up my workouts. I may change things up as I go...but this is the tentative plan for the next 6 weeks.

MONDAY-Upper Body Delt Focus
1.Clean and press OR clean and jerk 3x3-5

2.Military press 4x6

3a. Wide Grip Pullups 5x amap
3b.1 arm DBoverhead press  4x8-10
4a.Cable face pulls 3x10-12
4b. Reverse bench crunch 3x12-15
5.Lateral raises 2x12
-Handstand practice-
          5 MIN FINISHER

1a. Leg curls
1b. Standing calf raises 4x8-12
2. Bulgarian split squats 4x8-10
3.Trap Bar Deadlifts 2x6
4.. Barbell hip thrust 3x10-12
5. Cable abductions 2x12
6. AB wheel rollouts

FRIDAY-Upper Body Chest Focus & Arms
1. 1 arm DB snatch 3-5x5-6
2. .Bench press 4x6
3a. Cable row or chest supported row: 4x8
3b. DB incline chest press 4x8-10
4a.Pushups 3x8-12
4b. Pullups 3x8-10
6a. Bicep curls 3x10-12
6b.Tricep Extensions 3x10-12
-Front lever practice-

SATURDAY-Lower + Conditioning
1a. Glute ham raises 3x6-8 or leg curls
1b. Seated calf raise 5x15-20
2.1 leg squats
3.Single leg glute bridges
4. Sled pushes or reverse sled drags
-OR conditioning circuit-
    Sled push or drags
    Farmer's walk
    Battle ropes
    KB swings


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