Thursday Thoughts & I-Phone Pics

I have something going on with my left knee....and I am not too happy about it. It cracked really loud one day when I squatted down(not during training), and now it's sore and painful. That's partly why I'm taking it easy this week with my workouts. My upper hamstring issue is back again, too-not as bad as last year, but I'm feeling a little pain when I bend foward like when doing a Romanian deadlift. The only thing that I can think of that's causing it was adding sprints back in, which I was also doing the last time I started having the same issues. Guess I just can't sprint anymore. :(
So I have to far this week I've had a huge cinnamon roll and a slice of homemade peanut butter pie! Both were things that people gave to us(I know better than to buy that kind of stuff and have it in the house-my willpower is not that strong!). Yeah, I totally could've been super "hardcore" and not let myself eat it or wait for my weekend "cheat meal", but....I didn't. I enjoyed every single bite and will still enjoy another yummy treat this weekend.
I'm not gonna lie, though, I'm still struggling with this eating more thing. I know that I have to keep at it, though, especially if I want the big butt I've been working for! I just have this perfection issue that I can't let go of, and a part of me also feels like I have a certain "image" that I need to maintain. You know, like people expect me as the "personal trainer/fitness lover/healthy eater" to have 6 pack abs. Craziness. I also have a fear of having to diet back down.
Alright, well, enough of that.
Lets see...other random tidbits....I've been craving salad like crazy lately which is totally WEIRD for me....My husband left today for NYC for a brain cancer awareness benefit thingie....I can't wait to watch my boyfriend Dwayne Johnson on "The Hero" sister will be having her baby in a little over a month, and I am sooooo excited!!!!!!!

I'll leave you with a few pics from last weekend:

Infamous handstand pic!
Walking the pedestrian bridge downtown



Most amazing dessert everrrr!!!!


  1. Don't fret Lindsay, you're not the only one who goes through that "eating more" and worrying about gaining weight or not looking good. I feel the same way so often as well! Just keep in mind that you could look much better by not eating that treat, but all that restrictions would make you a much unhappier person, and looks are temporal after all. I'm not sure if that helps you, but that's what I tell myself. =)

    1. Thanks Cheryl! It's not really the treats here and there that I have a hard time with-it's the constant eating ABOVE maintenance calorie level with the intention of gaining fat that I struggle with. I definitely don't restrict, but I do find it hard to force feed myself!

  2. You are so beautiful! I don't have a problem with eating more, it's eating less that I have to work on! The whole time I've been a PT I've never had a six pack, but not one of my clients care. While I obviously can't be 100lbs overweight and expect them to take me seriously, I think the results I give them speaks for themselves :)

    1. Thanks Tara! You're so right. I know none of my clients care about that-it's just in my own head. Actually, I just feel gross with skinny little legs and a pot belly, is what it really comes down to! Haha! I do like eating more and looking big and full...just having a hard time with the softness in the belly! I'll get over it!


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