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I'm changing up  my leg workouts for a little while since I'm having some on and off pain in my knee and my upper hamstring is still giving me some trouble. I'm thinking the hamstring thing has got to be tendonitis or ischial bursitis...I don't really know what can be done for it, but I'm just going to stay away from heavy squats and deadlifts for now.

So right now I'm just going to focus on single leg exercises and glutes, and do some isolation exercises before my compound lifts. I'm also going to add in the leg press, which I haven't done in over a year!  I don't really enjoy using machines at ALL, but for hypertrophy, I think the leg press is good to incorporate into your training every now and then.

I just feel like right now my legs are stuck and aren't growing at ALL! And like I said, I've actually went down 2lbs in the last few weeks despite upping my caloric and carb intake! Right now I'm taking in around 2200-2400 calories, which I guess is not enough for the training I do.

I know it's good to switch things up every now and then and go through phases, but when I do a hypertrophy focus with slightly higher reps, I just really start missing the heavier weights! I feel like there is no structure or purpose to my workouts when I'm not on a strength plan....I'm considering trying Wendler's 5/3/1 strength program again in a couple of months.

So anyway, here's what I did for legs today:


1a)Machine leg curl: 3x12
1b)Standing calf raise: 5x10-12
2)Bulgarian split squat: 3x10 w/25lbs in each hand
3)Barbell hip thrust: 4x10 w/115lbs
4)Leg press: 50 reps (rest pause set)
5)Cable abduction: 2x12
6)Hanging leg raises: 3x8

Even without any squats or deadlifts, it was tough! 

So this lady comes up to me during my workout and says, "How do you stay in such great shape? Do you run cross country to or something?"....

 ?...Because a fit body would NEVER come from lifting weights or anything. I mean, that just makes you bulky, right? Oh goodness...

When will women ever learn?  You do NOT have to run OR do hours of cardio to be in shape. My body was shaped through weight training, NOT from running, I can tell you that! I'm not completely opposed to running if you absolutely love it, but for so many women, running/cardio is  the main focus of a weight loss plan, and weight training just gets pushed to the back burner-when it should actually be the other way around! Yes, you will most likely lose weight if you go out and run every day. BUT to really transform your body, to not just lose weight but to get that tight and toned look so many women say they want, lifting weights is the way to go!


  1. Ha, I started working with a new client today. Right at the start she said "I have to tell you now that I don't want to do any weights at all". This was at the powerlifting gym, might I add - someone is in the wrong place?! I'm happy to announce that at the end of the session I'd changed her mind and convinced her to do 10 more weights sessions! haha

    1. Oh goodness, no weights? But that's awesome that you changed her mind! I love when I can "convert" a woman into a lifter! Usually all I have to do is thell them it's what I've done for over 10 years, and they change their mind pretty quickly!

  2. It's true... my husband told me for years to lift weights and it never did. It took a woman with a BANGIN' body who lifted to make me believe it. I was like..."Hmmm you mean I could look like you!? Sign me up!" (I don't look quite like her yet but I'm getting there!) ;)

    1. yay! I'm glad you're lifting weights now! Keep it up and you will definitely see the results!! :)


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