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Well, it is hot hot HOT here in Kentucky! Almost too hot even for the pool! I'm not complaining, though-I will take this over being cold ANY day.

So I tried something new for my post leg workout treat this week! It was pretty yummy!

Although I think I would've enjoyed the ice cream more with it not being combined with the protein, just to really get the full on fruity, sugary taste! I've always loved Sherbet ice cream....or "Sherbert", as I've always called it! (My husband always make fun of how us "Kentucky people" talk!)

So anyways, here's what I did for legs yesterday:
1)Single leg front loaded barbell reverse lunge from deficit: 3x8
2)Back squat: 3x10 (I hate doing high rep squats!!!! Yes, anything over 5 is high rep to me!)
3)BB hip thrust: 3x10/Single leg-1x12
4)Cable abductions: 2x12
5)Calf raises superset with reverse hypers

Feeling it today!

Like I said, I'm doing something a little different with my leg workouts lately-single leg exercises before squats and also higher reps, which really sucks....but hopefully changing things up will shock these leg muscles into growing! Really miss going heavy, though-definitely don't feel as awesome doing squats with just a 35lb plate on the bar, but oh well!

Anyways.... I have an exciting opportunity coming up soon, IF it all pans out! It means that I have about a month to tighten up a little and should probably stop stuffing myself with carbs all day. ;) But we shall see what happens...more on that later, hopefully!

So here's a good article I thought I'd share by Jen Keck. I completely agree with this article! It seems these days that everyone is bashing eating frequent meals throughout the day, but it has always worked for me. Not because it's supposed to increase your metabolism and all that, but simply because it helps me to manage portion sizes and with self control! It's all about doing what works for YOU. Check it out:

And lastly, I leave you with an Instagram video of what I do at my house at 10:00 at night. I seem to always get a burst of energy right before bed!

(Just saw that you can't watch the video here...well, I guess you'll just have to follow me on Instagram to watch it!)


  1. I love that article by Jen - it's so true! It's so individual. I've actually increased my meals back up to 5 per day since I started strongman training. I'm just so hungry all the time and I can't get all the calories I need in only 3-4 meals. I think you have to find what works best for you, and there's no need to change it based on what is trendy.

    You are so badass with those handstand push ups! I wish I could do that :D

    1. Yup, it's true-so many different things work! I like to do whatever stresses me out the least and that is doing what I've always done-because it just comes natural. :)
      Thank you! With how strong you are, I have no doubt you'll be doing them soon!

  2. Hey Lindsey,

    Do you ever feel like you have a hard time getting in enough calories with your activity levels? I see so many women under eating and it eventually started to affect their hormones. I have always performed and felt better from eating multiple meals a day, but I have been guilty of under eating for my activity levels at times.

    1. I've always eaten multiple meals so that I make sure to get enough calories. Currently I tract my calories and macros to make sure I'm getting in enough with all the heavy lifting I do! I very rarely go below 2000. I think the only time I may have been undereating was when I was restricting carbs back when I was doing CrossFit. But I learned the error of my ways! Now there's no restricting, and I make sure to get at least 2200 calories on workout days.


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