Lots of Pics :)

Happy Monday!!

It ended up being a really nice weekend, with lots of sunshine and cooler temperatures. Got some pool time in, a workout, a yummy treat(PIZZA!!), church, and yesterday took Asher to play at the creek. He had so much fun(and so did I)!


And some Instagram pics from the past few weeks:
Pool L-sit, why not?
My boys!
Favorite summer spot(well, besides the pool!)
Cruisin in the Jeep!

Someone wants to float in the pool, too!
Dinner on the river with a beautiful view of the Louisville skyline!
Had to try the key lime donut from Krispy Kreme! 
Sun's out, guns out!
Hope you all had a great weeked!


  1. Great pics, and even greater guns!! I especially love the pic of Asher waiting for you to invite him into the pool. He looks so left out, haha, like "Mom, why do you get to have all the fun?"

    1. Thanks! I know, I love that picture too!! :)

  2. I think you have the best guns I've ever seen! Not just in the flexing photo, but in the L-sit photo too - you are perfect :D

    1. Oh gosh, don't say that! I am far from perfect!!! But thank you. ;)


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