What Drives YOU?

People often ask if I compete and/or try to convince me to do a fitness competition. It has never been something that I've had any desire to do, although I did have a brief moment of insanity a while back where I considered it...but that didn't last for long, thank goodness! At this point, I have no desire to EVER do a fitness competition. Just not my thing.

Why? Well, I wrote about a few of my reasons in this post last year. Besides the fact that I don't think I have the right figure for it, I don't want to constantly be on and off dieting or "prepping", or whatever they call it, and I don't want my life to revolve around macros and tupperware. NO thank you.

I don't need a trophy, I don't need photoshoots, and I don't need to be in fitness magazines. It's enough knowing that I'm doing this for ME-for my health, for my mental and physical well-being, for my future quality of life, and simply for the satisfaction of working hard and seeing it pay off. It's enough knowing that each workout is making me better and stronger for tomorrow. For me, the competition is with myself.

Many people struggle with motivation. They just can't seem to "find" the motivation to start or stay motivated to exercise and eat healthy for the long term. But the thing is, you can't always depend on your level of motivation. Because guess what? Motivation will fadeYou won't always feel like working out. You won't always see huge results from week to week. And the longer you train, the slower your progress will be.

"Motivation alone is not enough. If you have an idiot and you motivate him, now you have a motivated idiot." Jim Rohn
If you can only workout when you're  feeling motivated, you won't last long in your fitness endeavors.  There has to be a desire within you to be the BEST that you can be; a desire to live up to your fullest potential; a desire to not be satisfied with being like everyone else! It has to be about something more than just looking good on a stage for a day, or having nice biceps, or losing the fat on your inner thighs. It has to go deeper than that.

My motivation comes from within, from a desire to be different, not average, and to improve upon myself day by day. Not letting myself get weak, soft and out of shape is all the motivation I need. Feeling confident in my skin, being strong, challenging myself and learning new things while improving on others is what drives me. It's not just about looking good or being as lean as I possibly can, or having 6 pack abs, or doing a figure competition for me-it's about training for  my LIFE.

That's what drives me....What drives you?


  1. Great post, @50+ my inspiration and motivation come from my Grandkids , I want to have as many years as possible with them, not just watching them grow but being involved in their lives.

    1. Yes! That's what it's all about!

  2. Great post! It is easy to get side tracked from time to time,but I'm like you... I just want to train for health, not figure shows or 6 pack abs

    1. Thank you! That is a great mindset to have. Just train to be healthy and have fun!


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