Clean Eating vs IIFYM (If it fits your macros)


My concept of nutrition and "clean" eating has definitely been changing lately. Like I always say, there is no one "perfect" nutrition plan and everyone has different opinions about what is "best". But I have to say, I agree pretty much with everything he says in this video. I have had my own experience with being obsessed with eating "clean" and not allowing myself to have certain foods, and I know the anxiety it can cause. To me, that is not healthy, and that's why my nutrition philosophy is changing.

What are your guy's thoughts on this? Any of you follow the IIFYM protocol?


  1. GREAT video! I'm with you - my idea of nutrition and food is changing and I've been intrigued by the IIFYM concept. That being said, I'm probably more of a "eat real foods" kind of girl because I"m just training for life and health and fitness. If I was training for something else more specifically I'd look at my macros more - but I've always wondered what my body would be like if I tracked and TRIED a little this video gives me a lot to think about. Thanks, Lindsay!

    1. Yeah, the main thing I get out of this video, even if you don't track your macros, is that if you eat foods that aren't "clean" 100% of the time, it's okay, and it's not the "bad" foods that make you fat-it's excess calories! It's about not having guilt over having a couple slices of pizza or whatever it is, and allowing yourself freedom from being so strict and thinking you can only eat chicken and asparagus at every meal to get lean.

  2. Life is for living and enjoying it (within sensible means) is my goal!


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