Gettin' Sweaty In My Garage

My training the last couple weeks has been a little all over the place. I wasn't able to get a workout in all this week with traveling and the photoshoot and everything(although I did do a bunch of kettlebell swings and battle ropes at the shoot-that counts, right?!).

Plus, last week I cut my carbs and calories down and took out creatine in preparation for the shoot, so my workouts were NOT very good! I'm really looking forward to getting back on track with my workout plan next week. Going to start working on deadlifts again(yay!!) and getting back into the lower rep strength workouts.

Yesterday and today I decided to get my sweat on in my garage because I just needed to MOVE! Especially after sitting on airplanes, it feels good to get those tight muscles moving. It is HOT and muggy here in KY, but there is something about working out in the heat with sweat dripping that just makes you feel amazing!

Just a lil' sweaty!
Most of the time I love actually getting ready and going to the gym, but it's nice to be able to get in a workout at home for the times when you just don't feel like going to the gym. Yesterday I did upper body: one arm presses, bentover dumbbell rows, pushups, seated dumbbell cleans, overhead extensions and bicep curls. All I have in my "garage gym" is a few sets of dumbbells, my jump rope and a couple of kettlebells, but that's all I need to get in a great workout!

**Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!**


  1. You look fantastic!

    Good ole' Kentucky humidity. My mother in law lives in KY :)

    1. Thank you!
      Yup, we've actually been spoiled this year with pretty nice weather and low humidity. But now it feels like a typical Kentucky summer!


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