Dieting Is Not A Religion

"Question everything.
The reality is that there’s no secret solution. There’s no magical nutrient that will make or break your progress, there’s no magical macronutrient composition that will allow you to bypass the laws of thermodynamics, and there’s nothing magical about certain nutrient timing or meal frequencies.
The reality is that not everyone has a food allergy. Not everyone should be eating a low carb diet. Not everyone should be drinking buttered coffee. Not everyone should believe dogmatic claims.
The most important factor in successful diets is a caloric deficit and being able to have flexibility in order to adhere to the diet over a long period of time.
That’s it. Dieting is not a religion, although some people take it to that extreme.
Your particular dieting protocol doesn’t make you morally superior than anyone else.
Dieting doesn’t have to control your life.
There is a way to be flexible, eat the foods you love without worrying about toxins and carbs and sugar. Being flexible and finding a plan that you can adhere to is the only approach that will work in the long term."
-Jake Johnson


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