Family Cookout

We've been having some gorgeous Fall weather here in Kentucky the past few days! As much as I love summer and wish it lasted longer, I do have to say that I am ready for the change in weather. There is just something about Fall! It's a great time of year in Kentucky. Plus, my husband and I first started dating in the Fall, so it always brings back memories.
I definitely foresee lots of caramel apples, chili, and pumpkin muffins in my future. :)
We had my sister and brother over yesterday for a cookout since the weather was so nice. I'm trying to get together with them more often, since I used to hardly ever see them and that was just stupid. Mom's accident and Celeste have definitely brought us closer, and I just hope it continues.
Celeste has gotten so big since I last saw her a few weeks ago. She is almost 2 months old! I'm going to be babysitting her two days a week starting next week, so that should be interesting! Not too excited about changing poopy diapers...but it will be good practice if I ever think I may want a baby someday!
A few pics:



  1. So jealous of your fall, still in 90's here :(

    1. I am a summer girl, so it's a little sad that it's coming to an end...but I also can't complain about 75 and sunny!


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