Friday Ramblings :)

It is coooooold here in Kentucky, and I am NOT feeling it! It is too early for this-I want summer back! Boy, I'm in for a loooong winter....
Well,  last weekend my brother and sister came over for dinner. Celeste is 3 months old now, and she really does get cuter every time I see her! She is going to be so spoiled.  I can't wait for her to be older so I can take her all kinds of places-we're gonna have so much fun! :)
We painted pumpkins, and here are the cute ones I did:
Well, anyways.... nothing is really new with me lately. Training is going well. Not setting any PRs or anything, just focused on training hard and just having fun, not stressing about what I'm doing with training OR nutrition. After so long, there comes a point in your training where it's not constant PRs all the time or huge physical changes either, and that's where I'm at right now. Pretty much just maintaining but still eating slightly over maintanence level for calories in hopes to continue slowly building muscle. I really think I'm going to be 80 years old and still be like, "I need more muscle!" Haha.
I'm trying not to obsess over my looks as much...but I did take progress pics the other day just because it had been so long since I've taken full body ones. No  huge changes, but I also wasn't displeased with what I saw, either. :)  I'm thinking about changing my workouts up a little to maybe a little more bodybuilder-ish style..??  Maybe for just a couple months doing bodypart splits and higher reps...It's always great to grow and evolve and try new things, but I think we always want to go back to our "roots"! For me, that is bodybuilding.
Today was my upper body day, and it was a fun one!
1)Hang power snatch: sets of 4 with 80lbs
2)Bench press: 95x5/105x5/115x5/115x5/95x10
3a)Handstand pushups 2x5/ Overhead DB press: 2x6/(last set drop set) 
3b)1 arm rows: 60x8/60x8/55x10
4a)TRX "W" pulls: 3x12
4b)DB lateral raises: 3x12
Finished with 5->1->5 of ring pushups and bar chinups
Well, I guess that's all for now! Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm with you Lindsay... I'm soooo not ready for fall and winter. I want to move somewhere it's warm all year round. I'm in PA, so we have really humid summers and BRUTAL winters. Oh, and I hate the shorter days, too!

    1. Oh, I would not be able to live anywhere more north than Kentucky! My husband is from upstate New York, so he just thinks I'm a big wimp! And I am when it comes to being cold-I hate it!!!!

  2. Your painted pumpkins are adorable! I absolutely LOVE the owl!!

    1. Thank you! I just coped a pic I found online! :)

  3. That niece of yours is soooo precious! Beautiful eyes!


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