Fun Filled Weekend

I had a great weekend filled with sunshine, friends, family, babies... and pumpkin donuts! What more could you ask for? :) Went to the zoo Friday and then our annual family visit to Huber's pumpkin patch Saturday!
Fun day at the zoo Friday with my friend and her girls!
Family trip to the pumpkin patch!
My brother :)
Adorable little Landen!

Sweet baby Maci! She is too cute.

Infamous pumpkin donuts that I look forward to EVERY year!
 Then, to top it off, I got to see Mindy and Celeste Saturday night! Celeste is changing and growing so fast! She is absolutely adorable.

Too cute!!
My husband was actually in Tennessee this weekend getting CrossFit certified, and he sent me this pic! AAAhhhh, I'm so jealous he got to meet Rich Froning!

Well, I've just done a little cleaning, went grocery shopping, cooked up some food for the week. Ya know, all that fun stuff. I plan to spend the rest of my day on the couch relaxing and watching some football(yup, I watch football even when my husband's not here)! I'm glad this deload week is almost over because I am SO ready to get back in the gym tomorrow. Can't wait! :) I'll share this month's routine with you guys soon.

Hope you all had a great weekend!! What did you do for fun?


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