Things I'm Loving Lately

*Being a MuscleTech sponsored athlete! I was so excited to get my shirts in the mail that I had to take a pic right away! Definitely feel official now. :)
*My post workout Skinny Cow treat! Allows me to keep my sweet tooth at bay, while consuming sugar at the time when my body will best utilize it! Also loving my NitroTech whey protein after my workouts.

*This book..."Radical" by David Platt. Definitely challenging my faith and convicting me.

*Fall treats! I was so excited when I found this pumpkin swirl bread at Meijer...what?? I had it for a post-leg day treat the other day with some Laughing Cow cinnamon cream cheese. YUM.

*This song by the JJ Weeks band. I heard it on the radio for the first time the other day and just thought it was so beautiful.

*Deadlifts! So glad to be deadlifting again. I really love using the trap bar, even though it is a little easier than conventional barbell deadlifts.  I was able to work up to a set of 5 with 200lbs today!

*Pumpkin spice coffee-I'm in love with this! Just add about 1/2 tsp or so of pumpkin pie spice to your coffee before brewing and voilĂ ! So easy and tasty!

*And....this picture. No words necessary. Oh, and the CrossFit games air on ESPN tonight! I'll be watching for sure!


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