Loving the Process Is the Key To Results

There are two kinds of people in the gym:

1. Those who are training to get results. ...

2. Those who are training because they love it.

Who builds the best body in the long run? Those who train because they love it! Don't get me wrong, those who train merely to get results will sometimes get short-term results, usually the inevitable "newbie gains." But they never achieve true, long-term success.

Why? Because once you're past your beginner gains, progressing in physique and strength is hard. If you're only in it only for the results, they'll never come fast enough. So when you're passed that beginner stage and you have to work much harder for your gains, you simply won't make it far if you don't love the process.

-Christian Thibaudeau


  1. This is definitely true, but I think many people start out wanting results and wind up loving the process. That's because the better you get at something, and the more familiar it becomes, the easier it is to enjoy it. I can't say I liked doing pushups when I first began (years ago!); I was terrible at them and my lack of core strength made it hard simply to keep my body straight. But now I make them a staple (love all the variations you can do), because I've become much stronger and better at the movement.

    1. That's very true. But so many people quit when they feel like they're not getting results fast enough. I try to encourage people to focus on not just results, but on what their body can do and getting stronger! It makes it so much more fun!


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