Pizza and PRs

Happy Monday!

My husband's birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated over the weekend by going out for pizza, of course, because that's his fave. My Italian boy from New York loooves his pizza! And I made him his favorite pumpkin cake that he requests every year. It's soooo good.

Well, I had a great workout this morning, fueled by yesterday's pizza and pumpkin cake. :) I switched some things up for this month, and I really liked today's upper body workout:

1)Clean and jerks: worked up to 130x1 
(the heaviest I've cleaned or jerked in a LONG, years!)
2)Handstand pushups: 5-4-3-3-3-3-3
3a)Wide grip pullups: 7-6-6-6/ chin-ups x10
3b)DB chest press: 45x 8-8-8-8
4)Lateral raises: 2x12/ 1x8/6/6 (drop sets)
5)Bentover lateral raises: 2x12
Finisher: 5 rounds of :
25 rope slams + 30 double unders

I've actually hit a couple PRs in the last week-got 120lbs on bench for 5 reps(without a spot), which has been a goal of mine for a while, and then I got 220 x 3 on trap bar deads over the weekend. Good to know I'm still getting stronger! :) My goal has been a twice bodyweight deadlift on conventional deadlifts for the longest time, but I haven't really been working on that... sooo I'm going to aim for 250 on trap bar deads before the end of the year!

Speaking of goals, this is the time of year I love setting goals to work on, rather than waiting for the new year. It just gives you some extra motivation to train hard through the holidays when you have a goal. Do any of you have any goals you're currently working on? Mine are to really hit my calves hard to really try to get them to grow, keep working at my front leverand start working on getting better at handstand pushups again, since I haven't been doing them all that much lately.

In other exciting news, I got a few Christmas presents wrapped last week, yay!!

I love getting my shopping done early so that I can just enjoy the Christmas season without stressing about gifts or having to fight the crowds in the stores in December. NO, thank you! Who else has started on their Christmas shopping?



  1. I can't believe you've already started your Christmas shopping! I haven't even thought about it yet haha. You look awesome and your training sounds beastly! Sooooo jealous of that 130lb C&J!

    1. Thanks, Tara! I've been too scared to try anything more than 120 at my gym, since we don't have bumper plates, but I was feeling pretty strong yesterday! :) I don't think my training is near as beastly as yours. Nice job on the squat PR!!!

  2. Today, 11/12, I was on lunch, flipping through the paper and yelled out, "Hey, that's Lindsay's husband!" I guess I stalk/read/admire your blog too much! Hoping he had a wonderful birthday and wishing him many more!


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