Meal Prep For The Lazy Person

Today I thought I'd share how and what foods I prepare for the week.

There are a lot of Instagrammers and bloggers out there who are, like, these fancy chefs that prepare these amazing meals every day....but that is not me. I am not ashamed to admit that I am lazy when it comes to cooking. I don't enjoy it at all. My meals are pretty boring, and I eat almost the same thing every day...but hey, it works for me and my goals, and that's all I need.

Having food on hand through the week for me is KEY and has made my life SO much easier. If you're like me and don't have time to cook dinner every night(or are just lazy and hate to cook like me!), having food to just warm up in the microwave is the way to go. It's also helpful to have an idea of what meals you're going to have throughout the week so that you'll be prepared and have those foods on hand. 

Just to give you idea of what I eat throughout the week, I pretty much always have chicken, turkey and eggs every day, but we do switch it up on the weekends for something different. Friday nights are usually burgers, our "treat/splurge meal" is usually on Saturday, and then we'll have something like salmon patties or baked chicken thighs on Sunday. Occasionally I'll make chili or something, but that's about the extent of my creativeness for dinners!

Between me and my husband, we go through a LOT of food! Sunday mornings I cook up food to get us through at least the first half of the week, and then I usually have to make more later in the week.

This is what I usually prepare, along with other foods I have on hand for meals as well: 

*Chicken breast-
either baked in the oven with seasoning, marinated and grilled, or cooked in the crockpot.

(Crockpot shredded chicken-throw 4-6 breasts in a crockpot with about a cup or 2 of water, taco or chili seasoning, salsa if you want, and cook on low for 8 hours. So easy!) 

*Lean Ground turkey-
I just cook it up with taco seasoning or make burgers. I use McCormick lower sodium taco seasoning or home made taco seasoning(just google taco seasoning). Every now and then I'll make chili.

I eat eggs at home, usually scrambled with some cheese, or fried. But you could also boil up a batch of eggs if you have to eat on the run. Or yo could make something like these egg muffins!

Grains/Carbs sources:
*Rice/whole wheat pasta-
My favorite is Jasmine rice, and I cook up a few cups at a time to add to ground turkey for dinners.

*Roasted red or yellow potatoes-
I just chop them up, drizzle with olive oil and season to taste, then bake at 420 for about 35 minutes. I LOVE potatoes and eat them almost every day!

*Ezekiel bread-
I usually have with eggs for lunch, topped with Greek yogurt cream cheese.

*Old fashioned oats -
I heat them up with water for about 90 seconds and eat them mixed in with a scoop of protein powder and peanut butter in the mornings, or make overnight oats with them. Delicious and super fast!


*Frozen broccoli and cauliflower rice
*Frozen green beans or mixed veggies
*Bagged Romaine lettuce
*Spinach for smoothies

Whey protein, baby carrots, apples, hard boiled eggs, pumpkin protein muffins, nuts, protein bars

What are some things that you all do to help prepare for the week? Are you as lazy as me when it comes to cooking?


  1. My husband and I have been prepping ourselves for the Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer 12 week program for like a month (ha ha). I have found that there are so many challenges that go into eating healthy and eating enough! Although I have been a clean eater for years, I realized that the amount of protein I had been eating as well as the calories were not nearly enough. Anyhow, what are your thoughts on the livefit trainer program?

    Also, when I see that you eat potatoes everyday it inspires me! You are a very lucky ectomorph I believe? As a meso, I'm not sure I have the body type that can handle the amount of carbs the program suggests but I'm trying to adjust to the mind frame that I can have them (I know it's crazy).

    The crockpot has been a real life saver for me as well. I love turkey in the crockpot, you just throw it in there with a little bit of drizzled olive oil and pepper, it's seriously the best turkey you will ever eat! I found these low carb tortillas "Sonoma" at Trader Joes that are amazing. I am also trying to add spinach to everything... I noticed you don't have a fats category?

    Also supplements have been rocking my world lately, I feel like a kid again taking them... (L-carnitine, lipotropic, nordic naturals fish oil, and all the stuff that comes in my Gold Standard Egg protein powder) what kind of supps do you take?

    Wow, this turned into a long Q&A, hope it's not too much!


    1. I used to be scared of carbs a while back, but as a heavy lifter, I have learned that my body needs them and uses them well! I do have a high metabolism, but that's partly because I've been lifting weights half my life and have built a good amount of muscle. I haven't looked much into the LiveFit trainer, actually. And yes, eating enough is KEY. Gotta get that protein in!
      I didn't put fats in there just because you don't have to prepare them,, but my fats are egg yolks(2 a day), mozzarella cheese, peanut butter, nuts, and olive and coconut oil. Actually, a pretty high amount of calories in my diet comes from fat.
      I take vit D, fish oils, a multi and biotin.
      Nope, always happy to answer questions! :)

  2. Lindsay, thanks so much for the info! I was relieved to hear your fat sources are exactly the same as mine... also, I was getting a little worried that my fat content was a little too high, so its encouraging to hear details on your intake.

    As for Livefit - it's a program for beginners on, it really appealed to me as I love lifting and hate cardio. Also, I just started working out again after a 5 year hiatus (its a long and funny story)... so, I figure emulation of successful lifters (like yourself) is a pretty good place to start!

  3. great post sweetie pie! i find it sooooo important to have AT LEAST something prepped! such a money saver I find or else I would always go out and be buying chicken some where at a restaurant.

    i always have sweet potatoes, veggies cut, and two types of meat (chicken and ground meat) usually prepped :) i love having hard boiled eggs done up for myself too

    1. That's true, it definitely saves money!


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