Thanksgiving Recap

Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
I enjoyed spending time with my family and eating lots of good food!
Here are a few pics from Thanksgiving day at my grandma's.

Love my family!
Then yesterday we had Thanksgiving at my Mom's house, so I got to see beautiful Celeste again, which always makes me happy! :)
 I think she is the prettiest baby I have ever seen, and she is always so happy!
Also this weekend I got all my Christmas decorations finally put up. I am a little OCD about my trees, so it can be stressful putting them up, but it's so worth it when they're finished!  I looooove my house all decked out for Christmas! My shopping is all done, too, so now I can just relax and enjoy the holidays.
Isn't it just so pretty?
Sooo I woke up the day after my first Thanksgiving feast feeling lean! Yup, even after all that mac and cheese and pumpkin pie. :)
I'm not tracking my intake, but still eating carbs with almost every meal and just lifting heavy with a couple of finishers a week and going for a short walk here and there. The bad thing is, though, after not weighing myself for a couple of weeks, I have lost almost 3 pounds. NOT good!  I mean, I like the abs that come with it....but I want a booty! So I have got to get back on track with eating more than I feel comfortable with if I want to get these legs and butt to grow! Story of my life, haha!


  1. Wow! You look amazing!! If only we could all wake up after a big feast and look like that ;) Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks! I was surprised myself. I love waking up like that, but that was just a good day, not the norm!. ;)

  2. if I went a few weeks without weighing I would be gaining not losing!!

    1. Haha, I know, I'm not normal. But with the heavy lifting that I do I have to eat a LOT or I lose easily.


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