Five Things Friday

Happyyy Fridayyyy!!!

1.I woke up this morning to a beautiful winter wonderland! I always feel like a kid when I wake up and see a world of white outside, especially when you don't expect it. So pretty. :)

2. It's burger night in the Cappotelli household! Oh yeah! Every Friday my husband and I cook up some grassfed beef, and now that I ain't scared of carbs, I even have a bun...what?? And cheese, duh. ;) Cheeseburgers are seriously one of the best things everrr, and you better believe they will always be included in my nutrition plan. And no, it's not even considered a "cheat" meal. That comes tomorrow. ;)

3. New exercise I'm loving: TRX reverse flyes! I love the burn I get in my rear delts from these. Training the rear delts is key to getting full, round shoulders, not to mention that it's good for keeping your shoulders healthy and strong. Try them!

4)Super yummy bedtime treat I'm loving:
1 scoop NitroTech or Phase8 vanilla (or 1/2 scoop each)+vanilla almond milk + 1 tbsp butterscotch sugar free pudding + 1 tbsp peanut butter or PB2=deliciousness. I've tried this with chocolate, but I really love it with vanilla!

5)Know what? Handstands are good for your health!
I do practice handstands often, but my goal this year is to do a few minutes of handstands every single day.
Have a great weekend...and don't forget to do some handstands! :)


  1. this post makes me happy :) but then again, you always make me happy :) i have to give those try reverse flyes a try! i don't know if we are allowed to use the trx bands at my gym tho - i will have to ask!


    p.s. enjoy your burger night!

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, definitely give them a try! :)


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