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How is everyone dealing with the coooold temperatures today? It's 0 degrees here in KY. ZERO. This is the time of year when I start getting soooo stir crazy and ready for summer! I just need to be outside and feel the warm sun on my skin...
Who's with me? Of course, I love Spring, too, so we don't wanna skip past that!
I had a depressing few days last week taking down my Christmas decorations. I hear everyone saying, "I'm so glad the holidays are over!", and I'm all over here almost in tears because they're over! Am I the only one like this? :( But... I'm getting over it. Kind of.
Soooo this past weekend, I ate so much food. Last year I would never have allowed myself to have popcorn, a homemade pizza, and tater tots all in one weekend! Ohmigosh, so many carbs! None of those were "cheat meals" either, just part of my regular meals!
I'm so glad that I'm no longer a carbophobe and that I don't stress about eating super strict and "clean" all the time. Since increasing my carbs and having them at almost every meal, I have NOT gained weight or look that much different. In fact, I feel stronger and love the "full" look that my muscles have.
 Not that I don't struggle some days with not being as lean as I'd like, or days when I don't like the way my stomach looks when it's a little fluffy...But I just think about how much more healthy I am now mentally and how great it feels not to be a slave to food!  I have days where my abs are "soft" and I have days where I feel really lean and ripped, and I'm completely fine with not having 6 pack abs(which I've never had), if it means that I can enjoy life, eat foods I love, be strong and lift heavy. There's more to life, people!
Well, anyway, today was upper body, and I had a great workout fueled by all the extra carbs I had over the weekend. Even better, the gym was pretty quiet today because of the cold weather! Didn't have to fight for space, yay!
1)Seated calf raise: 50x10x10
2)Military press: 65x5/75x5/80x5/80x5/65x8 + 2 push press
3)Weighted neutral grip pullups: 15x3x6/1x8 w/ just bodyweight
4a)DB incline chest press: 40x9/8/8
4b)Chest supported row: 30x3x12
5a)Lateral raises: 2x12
5b)Cable face pull: 2x20/15
Finisher: Prowler pushes @180lbs x8 seconds, 10 minute amrap(=9x)
Modified front lever holds 3x12 seconds
I never thought I'd say this, but I really think that I am satisfied now with the size of my upper body and am no longer trying to gain more muscle. Not that I'm huge or anything, I just want to be proportional and don't want my upper body to be bigger than my lower. I know most women have the opposite problem and probably can't relate-I'm definitely built more like a guy! :/ So right now I just want to put all my focus into building up my legs to match my upper body. That will mean a focus on strength for upper body using lower reps, and increasing the volume and reps on lower body, while still training for strength also.
Well, that's all for now, have a great week everyone! Hope you're all still working hard towards your goals and resolutions for the year! :)


  1. Hello, love :)

    Great post - I always love hearing from you and today's post felt like I just sat down with you over a cup of tea or coffee (for you!) and got caught up with you and what you've been thinking :)

    I think being mentally healthy is so much more HEALTHIER than having a six pack. People with a six pack don't = health, so I am happy you wrote that today. You look unbelievable and you ARE unbelievable. An unbelievable friend and unbelievably strong ;)

    Thanks for sharing your workout :) It sounds like such a good one!

    Talk soon <3

    oh p.s. - I am also missing Christmas, too. I wish I could rewind to January 20th again - the first day of my holidays!


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