Off Day Mobility

I only go the gym 4 times a week, so that means I'm left with 3 days to do....nothing? Well, not exactly. Yes, there are days when I do do just that-nothing. However, I think it's important to be as active as you can, even outside of the gym, and to move your body in some way every day. Our bodies weren't made to sit and do nothing.
When it's not -9 degrees outside like today, I like to go on a 10-30 minute walk with my dog on my days off from the gym. This isn't for cardio, or to burn calories, but just to get outside and MOVE. Going for a walk always refreshes me and gives me an instant energy boost.
Especially in the winter when it's too cold out for a walk(which for me is when it's under 20 degrees!), I like to get in a quick glute activation and mobility circuit. From years of lifting and just being genetically tight and stiff, it's really important for me to work on my mobility. This is something I have only done recently but can tell a big difference.
These are the exercises that I try to do on my off days, and many of them are included in my warmups before a workout as well. This should only take about 10 minutes to go through. I also practice handstands and/or forearm stands on off days.
8-12 reps each:
Fire hydrant circles
Quadruped hip extensions
Side lying clams
Spiderman step to downward dog
Glute bridge
Cat camel
Side to side knee drops
Scapular pushups
Thoracic rotations
Wall slides
Band dislocations
Deep squat hold
Hip hinge
Squat to stands
Bear crawls forward/back
Pigeon Pose stretch
Quad stretch
Hip flexor stretch
And with that, I'm off to go through this right now!


  1. thanks for sharing Lindsay! I hope you have a great workout tomorrow!


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