5 Things Friday

Happy Valentine’s Day!
1)This week has been my 5 rep max week on "Uncaged". Monday started out great-I got PRs on both push presses AND bench press! So I was really excited about that.

2)Then I got sick.... :( Just a little head cold, but still, I have not slept well the last few nights, which really takes a toll on you. I didn't feel too bad for leg day Wednesday, so I went ahead and worked out. I didn't get a PR on squats, but it was the most I've ever done without a spotter, so that counts, right? BUT I did manage to get 8 reps with 215 on hip thrusts! It's like after doing the same weight on them for so long, my strength just shot up all of a sudden. Or maybe I've just been wimping out on them! Here's a video of me doing 215 for 5 last week.

3)I found this chicken recipe while scrolling through Pinterest. I eat a LOT of chicken, so I'm always looking for new ways to season and cook it. It was really good and husband approved!

4)Sometimes I get bored and just want to bake something, which led me to make these yummy protein brownies the other day. I followed Jamie Eason's chocolate protein bar recipe(just google it!) but used Phase8 protein powder in chocolate peanut butter. I also used applesauce instead of the berry baby food, and about 1/4 cup Stevia/sugar blend. They came out really good! They are much better the next day after being stored in the fridge. These make for a great post workout snack, or really, just for anytime! I have yet to try it, but they would probably also be DElish topped with peanut butter!
5)A few great posts I've come across recently:


  1. Thanks for all the tips. By the way, do you think "uncagged" suits most anyone? I currently do up/low split. Do you suggest something prior to this. I am wanting to increase muscle as well as lean out. Also, what do you think about the renegade diet?

    1. I think it works for anyone, it's just having access to the equipment that might be an issue for some. It includes rings or TRX, and prowler sprints, but there is an alternative if you don't have a prowler. A few things you may have to practice or modify, as there are some advanced moves like handstand pushups, pullups and dumbbell snatches. I think the renegade diet is good. It is basically paleo with rice being allowed I think. I don't follow it as I don't feel the need to eliminate grains or dairy.

    2. Thanks Lindsay....I might look into that for some variety.


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