At Home Glute Workout

Since I've had a cold and this week was a deload for deadlifts, I skipped the gym yesterday to rest up and did a workout here at home today instead. Thank goodness I am pretty much over this sickness!

Here's what I did just using a 35lb kettlebell and a small band:
At home glute workout- 
1)Bulgarian split squat 4x10
2)Single leg glute bridge
3a)KB swing
3b)Band clams
4a)Lunge jumps
4b)Band  monster walks
4c)RKC plank
You don't need a ton of equipment to get a good workout! I love going to the gym, but sometimes it's nice to just workout in the comfort of your own home. I think a kettebell and maybe of set of dumbbells is a great investment, although there are tons of exercises you could do without any weights, just gotta get a little creative!
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


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