Random Things Thursday

This has been one of the worst winters we've had in years. We got about 5 inches of snow last weekend and then had an ice storm on top of that Tuesday night. I'm just thankful we still have power, unlike the ice storm of '09 when we didn't have power for a week! That was horrible. Trying to make the most of it and not complain, but man, I'm beyond ready for Spring to get here.

So, on Wednesday's leg day, I decided to go lower reps on hip thrusts just to see how much I could do, and I surprised myself by getting up to 215 for 5! I usually do about 10 reps, but it was fun going a little heavier! Pretty soon I'll be joining the 225 club, woohoo!. These glutes had better be grooooowiiiiing!

Okay, so I'm not into fancy expensive bags or designer shoes. I have no desire to have a closet full of  of shoes to go with every outfit. Just not my thing. BUT- when it comes to bikinis....well, that's a different story. There is just something about them I just can't resist, and it's not even like I wear them all the time or anything. They're just so cute! I saw this one at Wal-Mart today in my favorite color, and for 14$, you can't beat it. Got Summer on my mind....

I was looking up recipes for chicken tenders for this weekend's "treat" meal, and I came across these Doritos crusted ones. I mean...how good do these look!? My husband isn't a Doritos fan like me, though, soooo I doubt I'll be making them. :/

Annnnd one last thing-I was ecstatic to find peanut butter skinny cows at the store today!!! As you know if  you've been following my blog for awhile,  I loooove my post workout Skinny Cows! I am all about balance when it comes to nutrition. I don't eat perfectly healthy all the time. I don't eat all organic, all natural foods and probably never will. I allow myself to have treats here and there throughout the week, and this is one of them I love to have after a workout!

And just because I can...I'll leave you with this adorable pic my mom sent me of Celeste the other day. I mean, who doesn't like cute baby pictures?? I looooooove her!!!!!


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