Weekend Pics & A Leg Workout

I know I'm a little late with this, but I wanted to share some pics from last weekend.
Saturday felt soooo amazing out, I could hardly stand it! 60 and sunny never felt so good. We took Asher to run in a field nearby our house, and I layed on a blanket and soaked up some much needed sunshine! Unfortunately the warm weather only lasted a day and now we're back in the 20s.
Spring came to visit us for a day!
Sunday we had a surprise party for my grandma's 80th birthday! I sure hope I look and act like her when I'm 80. She is feisty and doesn't seem 80 at all!

And yes, you better believe I had a piece of this delicious caramel cake. AND ice cream.
Then it turned into a Celeste photoshoot, like always! I just can't help taking pictures of her. She is just the cutest thing I've ever seen! I mean, is she not?

In other news, I had a great leg workout yesterday and I am actually SORE today for once! I love that feeling because it makes me feel like I'm growing. Haha. Here was what I did for legs on Phase 2 of the "Uncaged" program I'm following:
1)Glute ham raise: 3x10
1b)Bounds: 3x5
2)Barbell squat: 160x5x4
3)Deadlift: 155x4x5
4a)Reverse deficit dumbbell lunge: 4x8
4b)Lsit hold: 4x10 seconds
5)Single leg hip thrust: 3x10
 6a)Back extensions: 3x15
6b)Lateral band walks: 3x12 each leg
The best part was coming home and having my post workout meal, which was a vanilla NitroTech protein shake poured over a bowl of Cinnamon Chex(best cereal EVER). Sooooooo yummy. Seriously. I can't wait for next leg day just to have it again! 
I've somewhat been participating in this Instagram "battle" thing that's been going on. It's pretty cool trying new things and seeing what you can do. Some I've been able to do well, and others...not so much! It's crazy what some of these people can do! I like it because it shows that there are ALWAYS new ways you can challenge yourself and things you can improve on. So if you have an Instagram, search the hashtag "instabattle2014" and check it out! And follow me while you're at it! :)


  1. so happy you got some sunshine! you totally deserve it sweetie! wishing more sony our way this weekend :) <3

    and i totally know what you mean by feeling you must be growing when you're sore! i totally feel that way too when i am sore! hehehe! and i was sore today from yesterdays leg workout! feels great

  2. Love the pic of Celeste and her mommy!

  3. Hi Lindsay, I tried your workout and my hamstrings feel like rocks.Thank you, I love your blog I am very inspired by your balanced mentality and obviously your great results you look great!


    1. Love that you tried it! And thanks! :)

  4. And by "did your workout" I mean inspired by because I totally modified it since Im so new to weightlifting i did some higher reps on squats and deadlifts but it still was a decent wrokout :) but someday i will be banging out those high weights!

    1. That's awesome! Glad you gave it a try! Definitely keep at it and you'll be hitting those heavy weights in no time! Nice job.


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