"Uncaged" Phase 3: 3 rep month

Monday Upper
1)1   arm DB snatch 5x3
2a)Push press 6x3
2b)Pullup 7x5
3a)Close Grip Bench 4x3
3b)Front lever 4x10
4)Handstand hold
Farmer’s walk+ seated calf raises 5x
Wednesday Lower
1a)Depth jump 5x3
1b)Glute ham raise 3x8-10
2)Squat 4x3
3)Deadlift  6x3
4)High step up 4x6-8
4b)Lsit 4x10 sec 45 sec
*Glutes – 1 leg hip thrust + band walks

Friday Upper
1a)Ring dip or 1 arm DB chest press: 5x6-8
1b)Mixed grip TRX row 5x6-8
2a)Handstand pushup 5x1-3
2b)Front lever 4x10sec
3a)DB curl 3x10-12
3b)Ab wheel rollouts 3x6-8
4)Pullaparts or  TRX reverse flyes
Saturday Lower
1)BB hip thrust 4x8
2)Leg press 3x15
3a)Kb swings 4x10-12
3b)seated band abductions
4)Heavy Prowler push
5)Standing calf raises



  1. Hi Lindsay,
    I love reading your blog! It's so helpful for me to see someone with a healthy, balanced approach to working out/eating healthy! Please keep it up! Question for you: when you post your weekly workouts, how much time would you say this takes you in the gym? When you're lifting heavy & only doing 4-5 reps, it seems like that would make for a pretty quick workout... is that true?

    1. Thank you so much! With my warm up and finisher and my rest between sets, it usually am in the gym for a little over an hour, give or take. My Friday workouts are actually the shortest right now, and only take me about 45 minutes.


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