This Month's Workouts & Weekend Pics

I'm on the second week last phase of "Uncaged" program I'm following by Jason Ferruggia, and here is what this month looks like:

Monday Upper
1)BB hang power snatch 6x2
2)Push press 6x2
3a)Close grip bench press 6x2
3b)Incline dumbbell chest supported row: 6x5-8 
3b)Front lever 4x10
4)Farmer’s walks/overhead carries + calf raises 5x8-12
Handstand practice

Wednesday Lower
1)Box jumps
2)Squat  5x2
3)DL  3x3
4)Bulgarian split squat 5x6-8
5a)Lsit 4x10 sec
6a)1 leg hip thrust 
6b)Band walks

Friday Upper
1)Hspu 6x3-5
2a)Chinup 8x6
2b)Incline DB chest press 6x6-8
3a)Bar dips 3x8-12
4b)Incline seated hammer curl 3x10-12
4)Hanging leg raises or TRX pike 3x8-10
5)Reverse flyes

Saturday Lower
(at the gym, or at home)
1)Hang clean 5x3
2)BB hip thrust 4x8-12
3)Leg press 4x12-15
4a)Med ball slam 4x12
4b)KB swing 4x10-12
Prowler or sled drags
Calf raise

I really love this month's workouts. I've been skipping the gym the past 2 Saturdays and working out at home because it's just been too nice out! I have a kettlebell, some dumbbells, and a tire for sled drags, which is all I need to get in a good workout. Usually I'll do lunges, Goblet squats, single leg RDLs, single leg glute bridges, KB swings and then finish up with 8-10 sets of reverse sled drags. I love working out in the fresh air!
I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend! We could not have asked for more perfect weather here in Kentucky! It was beautiful. I had a great time with  my family, running around barefoot, throwing football, playing with Celeste, and eating lots of Easter candy! :) And holidays are so much more fun with a baby!




  1. so happy you had such an amazing Easter, love! And I just have to tell you again how absolutely gorgeous you look. As always. You always look so vibrant <3 and thanks for sharing the workouts with us as well! I always appreciate it

    1. Thank you! :) No problem, glad to help!

  2. this is an amazing blog, thanks for sharing workout tips. do you have a section on here that deals with nutrition, when to eat, what to eat, etc?

    1. Thank you! I have written previous posts about how I eat, but there are a lot of posts to look through! I will try to find some and share them!


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