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Sooo I sprained my ankle. I was jumping rope like I always do to warm up Saturday and just landed a weird way and twisted my ankle-how stupid is that? Luckily, it wasn't a bad sprain, but it did swell up.
It kind of sucks mostly because this is my one rep max week! I decided to go ahead and try upper body yesterday. I just wrapped my ankle and it felt fine, so I was able to pretty much do my full upper body workout. I got PRs on both push presses and bench, sprained ankle and all! PRs make me happy!!! I got 135 on push press, which I failed at the last time I did this program. Then I did an easy rep of 140 for bench. 
I'm not sure if I should squat tomorrow or not. The swelling is almost gone, but I'll just wait and see how I feel tomorrow.
Anyways, Saturday my husband and I decided to give frozen yogurt a try for the first time. I have seen so many pictures on Instagram that look so yummy...but we were a little disappointed. Mine was pretty good with all the toppings I added, but my husband hated his. We are just ice cream people-nothing can compare. I think people who love frozen yogurt have forgotten what ice cream tastes like. ;) So we'll be sticking with Cold Stone Creamery from now on! 

Asher and me spent a day in the sun most of Sunday. I loooove summertime! Nothing better. Pretty soon we'll have to put our pool up! I can't wait. I am loving this weather!

Of course, Sunday was also food prep day. I start every Sunday morning cooking up our food for the week, or at least the first few days. I did the usual ground taco seasoned turkey, marinated and grilled chicken, basmati rice and roasted potatoes. I also cooked up some brown rice pasta which I'll have for lunch or dinner with ground turkey and pasta sauce(yes, store bought-don't judge). Ya just gotta have pasta every now and then...and those zuchinni noodles or whatever don't count!
Annnd a random bathroom selfie because why not? I don't care about having a 6 pack, but every now and then I just have to make sure there is still a little definition there! Good to know I can maintain this eating plenty of carbs and not doing cardio!
Today is a beautiful sunny day, ruined only by the fact that I have to go to the dentist!!!!! I seriously don't know if there is anything I hate more. I'm dreading it! :( 


  1. awwww sorry to hear about your ankle, but congrats on those PRs babe! and look at your legs in your PR pic! WOWZA :) be proud

  2. You are so strong, fit and inspiring! I totally agree about froyo. I think people who have unhealthy relationships with food fool themselves into thinking it's healthier. Sure, the yogurt might be healthy but once you add a million and one toppings, I would much rather have ice cream!

    1. Thanks so much Tara! I agree. I was always like, why froyo? It's really not all that much healthier just because it's low fat/no fat, esp. with the toppings ! But thank goodness the toppings made up for it. ;)

  3. I have yet to try any of the frozen yogurt places. I've been telling myself to try one these last couple years, but at the end I have no strong desire - especially when coffee chip ice cream is sooo plentiful!
    Been meaning to ask though, how fast do you go through all the food you cook over the weekend? Do you cook 2x a week or store in freezer? Thanks!

    1. I usually cook up more turkey and chicken on Wednesday to get us through the rest of the week.

  4. Sprained ankles are no laughing matter, even when it happened in jumping rope exercises. Such injuries are quite common. If the swelling is gone, you could perhaps resume normal physical activity, but if you still have it up to now, you better see a specialist. In the mean time, you could always focus on other exercise routines that doesn't tax your ankle much. Take care!

    Clinton Bashir @ US Health Works


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