Weekend Pics & A Quickie Deload Workout

Hey everyone! I'm a day late, but I hope you all had a great weekend!
Mine started by sampling some MuscleTech goodies at the Run For the Red 5 & 10k race/walk Saturday morning at Fort Knox. I love being a MuscleTech girl! :)
Our "treat" for this week was pizza!!!  I love how Asher is photobombing this picture!
Since I couldn't do my Saturday morning workout, I went in Sunday instead. Did a bunch of heavy sled pushes...closest thing to "cardio" you'll ever see me do right here!
Sunday we drove out to Mom's for Mother's Day. I love these pics of her and Celeste.
She is just the most precious, cutest little girl ever!!!
So this week I'm taking a deload/rest week since I've been going hard for the past 4 months. I'm not going to be doing much-just some short walks and mobility and a few easy full body workouts. I'm staying out of the gym because I can't seem to let go of my ego and lift less than what I know I'm capable of!  
Today I did a little kettlebell "quickie" workout. Since it's a deload week, I didn't push too hard-just wanted to do something to move my body. Kept the weight low and the reps low, so it was not strenuous at all.
Here's what I did:
10 Kettlebell goblet squats
8 Pushups
6 Single arm rows
-3 rounds-
Band walks 3x
Handstand walks
(Getting much better at these!)
Neghar Fonooni has some great "quickie" workouts on her YouTube channel that you should check out-great for if you're ever short on time and just need to get something in quick. Also great ideas for finishers after a strength workout!
I plan on doing another light full body workout Thursday and then doing deadlifts and light sled sprints on Saturday. I got behind schedule on the deadlift program I've been following, so I actually have one more week to go. This week will be 4 sets of 1 rep at 95% of my max!
I've contemplated not following a workout routine for awhile and just winging at the gym when I start back next week, but I most likely won't do that. I just really like having a routine to follow, and it's fun writing up workouts for myself! I'll be sharing soon what my next month's workouts will look like. Not changing things up a whole lot, but I will be going a little higher reps(as in more than 5!) for more of a hypertrophy phase for the next few months.


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