What Do You Feed Your Soul?

Are you as meticulous about what you feed you mind and soul as what you feed your body? Many of us are so careful to eat foods that are good for our health and our physique that sometimes we can forget that our soul needs nourishment, too. In fact, that is even more important than our physical health.

We can't eat one healthy meal a week and expect to have a healthy body if we only feed it with junk the rest of the week. In the same way, if the only time we pray and read the Bible is once a week at church but feed our minds with "junk" the rest of the week, we can't expect to be healthy spiritually. It just doesn't work that way!

We are constantly surrounded by negativity, bombarded by our culture and the things it says are "right". If we don't stay rooted in God's Word, if we aren't careful of the things we listen to/read/watch we can easily become caught up in the things of the world and lose sight of what really matters. We can easily become distracted from God by all the other things that grab our attention if we don't make a daily effort to feed our minds with God's truth.

Here are a few ways that help me to keep my thoughts fixed on God every day and to make sure that I'm feeding my soul as well as my body:

*Listen to Christian music.
I love many different styles of music, but most of the time I choose to listen to Christian music. Yeah, I love a good beat, but with Christian music, it's so much more than that. Listening to Christian songs when I'm in the car is a way to praise and worship God. The words have meaning; they are a prayer. Plus, when I get a song stuck in my head I would rather it be, "Fix my eyes on You" than "You know what to do with that big fat butt." ;)

*Read Christian books
Of course, reading and studying the Bible for ourselves should come first and foremost, but reading Christian books has definitely helped me to grow in my faith and have a better understanding of God's Word. Some of my favorites are: "The Christian in Complete Armour", by William Gurnall, "Gods at War" by Kyle Idleman, "The Jesus I Never Knew" by Philip Yancey, "The Journey"by Billy Graham, and "Taking God Seriously" by Ferdinand Mahfood. And there are so many more!

*Follow Christian pastors/authors on Facebook.
Facebook nowadays is often a place where people go to vent or complain or air their drama to the world. Not that I have never done that before, but I do enjoy Facebook more when I see positive messages more-so than a bunch of negativity. I follow quite a few Christian pastors/authors who often share bible verses or quotes that help keep my mind on God throughout the day. I love scrolling through Facebook and seeing bible verses and quotes. A few of my favorites to follow are: Tim Keller, Joyce Meyer, Kyle Idleman, Completely Committed Followers, Chuck Swindoll, and Unlocking the Bible, just to name a few.

*Read a Psalm every night before bed.
In addition to my devotional and Bible reading each day, I also like to end the day reading a Psalm or Proverb every night before I go to bed. I think putting scriptures in our head and focusing our thoughts on God before we go to bed is one way to let His word take root in our hearts.

What are some things that you do daily to "feed" your soul?


  1. This is so true!! Daily time with God is so important!

  2. These are all great! I read my Bible daily (or try to!), and I love singing old hymns and gospel songs while I'm puttering around the house. Memorizing Scripture is something I'm working on, so I've got post-it notes up on my bathroom mirror and I read those every time I'm in there.

    1. Yes! Memorizing scripture is a big one! Great idea!


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