Deload week

It's my deload week! For me, that means a whole week off from the gym completely. (Because I have too big of an ego to go to the gym and lift light weights!) We're leaving for NY this week, so I didn't want my deload to fall during that week. I'll be eating a few more treats than normal, so I'd like to put the extra calories towards my lifts!

I used to hate taking a week off, but honestly, now I don't mind it. I actually enjoy the extra time I have in the mornings. Plus, this week I have a ton of stuff to get done anyway in preparation for our trip.

I know that for many people in the fitness world, it's really hard to take time off from the gym. I think some people fear that they'll get fat if they don't workout or that they'll lose all their muscle and strength gains....but that is so not the case!

A week off every few months is super important, especially if you constantly train very intensely with heavy weights. A week off will give your body a chance to rest and recover, which will only help you in the long run in preventing injury and mental burnout as well. And no, you won't gain weight or lose muscle in a week!

I usually know that I'm due for a deload when I get to the point where I'm just going through the motions in my training and not really that into it, if my strength and energy levels are down, OR if I'm feeling tight and sore often. Even if I don't experience any of those things, I still take one every 2-3 months regardless.

As I've written about before, my nutrition stays basically the same, maybe with one less meal. But I don't restrict or try to cut back on anything because I'm not working out(like I used to!). You know you're getting over restrictive eating when you can eat the same during a rest week as a training week! I'm still eating all my favorite carbs-rice, oats, potatoes, and bread. At this point, I don't think I could survive without my carbs!
 Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich-best lunch ever!!

A couple of years ago I would be cutting back on carbs this week in preparation for all the eating I would be doing while travelling.... but I'm SO glad to say that this is no longer the mindset I have. I will admit I still have a little anxiety about not being able to eat my normal meals, but I just have to trust myself to make healthy choices as often as I can and control my portions (harder said than done because I can EAT!) but also let myself enjoy a few extra treats and know that it will be okay. Having abs is not worth not being able to enjoy time with friends and family because you can't allow yourself to veer off of your strict eating plan! If I gain a couple pounds, so freakin' what?

So anyway, here's what my week this week looked like:

Monday- ran 1/2 mile(with some girls from my strength class) Didn't die.

Tuesday-easy mobility routine:
6 walkouts
8 bird-dogs/leg
10 fire hydrant circles
15 glute bridges
8 side to side knee drops
12 spiderman climbs/side
30 second squat hold
10 reverse lunges w/reach(each leg)
8 squat to stands
8 band dislocations x 2
10 OH band squats
Easy full body workout at home:
1a)Pushups 3x10
1b)Single leg hip thrust 3x10-12
2a)Single leg reverse lunge 3x12
2b)Clam raises 3x10 /leg
3a)Plank rotation
3b)Band pull-aparts
Handstand practice

Thursday-cleaned house (yes, mopping floors is a workout, thank you very much)
This is what I *plan* on doing when I get to NY:
Friday- 30 minute morning walk

Full body workout:
1a)OH DB press 3x10
1b)Goblet squat 3x10
2a)Cable row 3x10
3a)Single leg hip thrust 3x10-12/leg
3b)Band Abductions 3x20


  1. I'm taking a (albeit reluctant!) week off next week myself - I like the look of that mobility routine, so may just have to throw it in there! Such great advice - I wish I'd known about the importance of deload weeks a few years ago!

    1. Good! I now realize the importance of taking a week off, although I didn't always! I enjoy it though because I'm so much more excited and ready to train after a week off!

  2. I notice a difference when I take a few days off from the weights. Its hard to do it but I do notice the strength, energy and excitement I get when I finally do go back! It's like seeing your spouse after being apart for awhile, you're that much more excited and grateful to have their company!

  3. I'm so with you on the deloads. In the past I've skipped them and oh did I end up suffering from it. When I first started weight I used to hate the idea of taking time off, but thankfully I've realised how valuable it is! Have a good trip :)

    1. Yes, I think it's hard for most people, but it's so important. Thank you!


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