1/2 cup oats, 1 spoonful of pb, scoop of protein, coffee w/cream

11:30 (PWO)
2 mini ice cream sandwiches, Iso-zero whey protein shake with almond milk

4-ish oz pulled bbq pork, fried egg, 5 oz roasted red potatoes, another cup of coffee w/cream
4 oz grilled chicken, grapes

1 cup-ish? quinoa pasta with ground turkey and pasta sauce

1/2 cup cottage cheese, 2 spoonfuls pb, rice cake


  1. I love when you share your eats babe :D

  2. Do you add the protein powder in the beginning of cooking your oats or add it at the end? I feel like I fail miserably every time I try to do that, but that sounds like a fantastic and filling combo. I am always looking for better breakfast ideas :) Reading about your heavy lifts has really encouraged me to start (slowly) lifting heavier and to get out of my comfort zone at the gym, in terms of the lifts I do. -Michelle

    Ps....I love that you frequently include Bible verses.... they are often times exactly what I need to read!

    1. I cook the oats with water, then add the pb and then protein and slowly add in more water to get the consistency I want. I never get tired of it! I'm glad to hear that you're getting into lifting! Keep it up!
      And thank you!

  3. I agree with Meg - I love seeing your eats! I find it really valuable as I’m trying to step away from calorie counting (it’s making me more neurotic, and I actually think it is making me eat more? ‘I’ve eaten X so I can eat a bit more/ maybe that isn’t enough’).

    1. Yes, I couldn't do the tracking thing, although it did help me to make sure that I was taking in enough for a while, which is crucial when wanting to gain muscle. But it was just not for me for the long term. Definitely have to find what works for you!


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