Five Things Friday

1)It's been so long since I've made these muffins, I forgot how good they were! Since I had a buttload of sweets last week, I wanted something a bit healthier for this week's post workout treats. These hit the spot. Just oats, egg whites, pumpkin, and chocolate chips! You can never go wrong with pumpkin.
2)So. I'm like 90% set on doing a powerlifting meet in December. I met with a potential trainer today...I'm determined to really follow through with this! I thought about just waiting until next year, but I don't want to keep putting it off because I don't feel "ready". I think it's kind of like having a kid-you will NEVER feel quite ready! Yes, it's scares me, and I'm  afraid I'm going to embarrass myself, but who cares-it's about getting out of my comfort zone. Plus, it will be really fun training for strength and having a goal to work towards!

3)Here are some great articles I came across this week. Cheeeeck 'em out:

4)I got to babysit this little cutie yesterday! :) She is not quite walking yet on her own but definitely moving around a lot more. Won't be long!

5)Annnd in honor of "Flex Friday", I'll leave you with a little bicep curl action!
***Have a GREAT weekend!! ***


  1. Woah! Those arms O_o The day I can be as strong/look as strong as you will be a miracle haha. I'm slowly working my way up to just 1 unassited pull up! Slowly but steadily! Definitely go to the powerlifting meet, you'll probably regret it if you don't! Also..I really need to try those muffins they look and sound delicious

    1. Thank you! Hey, just keep working. That's really awesome, you'll get it! I think I'm going to do it-no more excuses! And yeah, definitely try them-they're delicious.


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