Friday Ramblings!

Heeeey!! Happy Friday!
So next week I'm starting with my trainer, and I'm really excited! I decided to go with someone local rather than an online coach, just because for me, I feel like I needed someone who could give me instant feedback on my lifts and fix any issues in person. I'm not nervous about the meet since it's so far off at this point, but I'm just hoping I will be able to get stronger! For some reason I find myself thinking that I'm at my genetic limit in terms of strength and muscle gains, so I know I have to really work on my mindset. I have to truly believe that I can and WILL get stronger!

My training lately has been going great. Since doing sumo deadlifts exclusively for the last few months, the chronic knots and tightness in my lower back is pretty much totally gone! It's awesome-I forgot what it felt like! I feel like I'm stronger at conventional deadlifts, but maybe I can get my sumo to catch up because the constant tightness from conventional style definitely interferes with my other lifts. I haven't been setting any crazy PRs lately, but I have been feeling strong. I've increased my hip thrust to 235lbs and have been pushing over 300lbs on the prowler, which I guess are both PRs!

Here was today's upper body workout:
1)Muscle ups 3x2
2)Bench press: 100x5/105x5/110x5/105x8
3a)DB overhead press: 35x6/30x8/27.5x8/8
3b)Pullups: 2x7/ Chinups: 2x8
4a)Reverse TRX flyes: 3x12
4b)Lsit hold: 3x15 seconds
5a)Overhead cable extensions: 2x15
5b)DB bicep curls: 2x20
Then I played around with dragonflys and handstand walks Gotta love gettin' a good pump sometimes!

Oh, and guess what? I gained a pound! I've been about 119-120 for months, but now my weight is fluctuating between 121-123!

 I did start taking a new maybe some of it's water retention since I have noticed that my abs are less visible, but I'm totally okay with that! ;) Nothing much has changed with my eating with the exception of having a rice cake with my bedtime peanut butter snack, but I don't think those few extra calories would make much of a difference?  Still not tracking macros or calories, still having a once a week treat meal along with my post workout treats, and still getting better at not stressing/obsessing about my food!  Some days I don't like it that I feel "softer" in my midsection, BUT who really cares and even sees my stomach anyway???

In other news, I can't believe that August is almost over! Summer goes by WAY too fast, and I want it to staaaayyy!!! Although I'm so OVER this humidity-it's so hot you can't even go outside, which is almost just as bad as winter-almost. I just want to be outside! This weekend I'm going to see my Mindy and Celeste, so I'm excited! :) Matt and I are thinking about going to watch a baseball game and then out for pizza-yay!
 Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Yay for less back pain, long weekends, family time and pizza! :)

  2. So glad to hear you will be working with someone for the competition prep! Will be anxious to hear about the progress and how you feel throughout the process! Good to hear your back is better.....makes all the difference! Happy Labor Day weekend! ~Jen

    1. I know, I'm excited! Thanks! Have a great weekend yourself!

  3. Hey Lindsay!! Just curious when you weigh yourself is it first thing in the morning under the same conditions( before eating , drinking , etc) or do you vary the time or just weigh when you think of it? Some people are particular about it and others aren't!

    1. I just weigh at random times, I'm definitely not obsessed about it. I usually weigh at work after I've had a few meals and lots of water in me, so rarely first thing in the morning because I don't own a scale. For me it's a way to gauge if I'm eating enough or not!

  4. Hey Lindsey, I saw you mentioned Creatine. Im struggling deciding if this is something I need to take. I've been reading articles lately saying it's something beneficial for woman to take. Ive recently changed my focus from just weight loss to strength as my goal. Not going to lie, I struggle with it daily. So the thought of gaining water weight is not appealing. Do you think for the goal of losing body fat and gaining strength this is something I should consider? I recently hit 235lbs on Glute Bridges, still working on Hip Thrusts!! And thanks for all you do, LOVE your site.Been reading for a while now. I also follow some of your workouts. Great job girl!

    1. Hey! I think creatine is very beneficial. I have not noticed huge water retention, but then again I'm not concerned about holding a little water weight. To me, being stronger is more important to me. That is awesome-nice job! And yes, I recommend it! It won't hurt to try! Thanks so much!


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