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We just got back Saturday from a week in New York visiting family. We had a great trip, but it's always sad to leave. We had such a good time with the nephews-they are the cutest things!
Of course, I was not able to eat perfect while there(props to you people who can do that on vacation!), but I did try to eat good throughout the day and let myself have some treats and dessert with dinner on some days. Of course, we always have pizza a couple of times! And when I eat pizza, I can never have less than 3 slices. ;)
I was able to keep up with my workouts, although I didn't really stick to a plan, just kind of did whatever. Got in 4 days of lifting and a couple of walks. My workouts were okay-didn't feel super strong, probably due to having a week off before and not being on my normal eating routine. But deadlifts Saturday felt really good, and I was able to work up to a set of 210 for 3 reps, which is the heaviest I've done sumo style. 
Most of our time was spent just hanging with the nephews at the house, fighting off "emenies", Ninja Turtle style! We did do Go-karts and golf one day with the kids and the animal adventure safari we went on last year. Matt and I also went to Letchworth Park one day, which was so pretty! I had never been there before, so I'm thinking next year we'll have to go again and explore a little more.
Of course, I had to use the opportunity to take a handstand pic!
So now, like always, I'm a little depressed to be back to my normal routine...but I'll get over it in a few days, I'm sure!  At least we had a day to relax and float in the pool yesterday and get all my food prepped for the week.
Here are a few pics of our adorable little nephews!





  1. oh my gosh those boys seriously are the CUUUTEST :D oh my!!!!! And gosh girl you look good or AMAZING i should say in that last pic!

    1. They are, right? And thanks so much! :)


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