1st Week of Powerlifting

My first week of powerlifting training is done!

The training so far has been pretty different than I how I usually train. While I always do the heavy lifts with low reps(squat, bench deadlifts), I'm also used to doing a lot of hypertrophy and isolation work with high volume, supersets, etc. My goal has never really been solely on increasing strength but on building muscle, so I've never actually thought of the other exercises as being about bringing up the main lifts. For me, it's always just been about hitting all the muscle groups so that I would have a balanced physique.

So far, though, I really I like the change! It brings a new purpose to my workouts. It will be a little hard giving up that bodybuilder mentality in me where you just want to "fry" every muscle group, but I think I'll survive. ;) Plus, there is a day of lateral raises and pushdowns, so I'll get a good little bodybuilderish workout in once a week. ;)  I'm kidding, though, because I really don't care about that at all. Right now it's all about getting stronger!! 

Even with the volume being pretty low this week, I have been sore after every workout and just as fatigued during my workouts!  There are just so many things to think about and muscles to keep tight during a lift. It's not like bodybuilding where you want to try to just focus on the muscle you're working-you want everything to be tight in order to lift the most weight possible. Like my glutes  and back got SO sore from doing from bench press the other day! And after squats, my quads got more sore with just a few sets of squats(wide stance, at that!) than after all the quad focused exercises I do in my workouts!

Yesterday we worked up to a heavy single with squats. I was kind of nervous because I haven't really squatted heavy for singles in a LONG time. I was trying to keep track of the weight each set, but when we went for the first truly heavy one, it felt pretty freakin' heavy at a weight I thought should not feel that heavy! Well, as it turns out, I miscalculated the weight, plus it was a 50lb bar.
Or... when you did a heavy single with what you thought was 195, only to find out it was actually 215! Ha! It's not a PR, but I wasn't sure I'd even be able to get 200 at this point. Not bad for these little chicken legs. ;)

He's definitely tweaked a few things and given me some things to work on for each of my lifts, which is really what wanted. Hopefully by doing those things, I can get my numbers up! This week was just to basically see what my form looked like under a heavy load, but next week the volume will be increasing. He also said he is going to change it up week to week based on what he sees and what I need to work on. Here are the workouts we did this week:

(This will normally be Monday)
1)Sumo deadlift:  (1 rep max) 225x1 / 235-FAIL  :(
2)RDLs: 155x6/175x6/6 
( I forgot look at what the weight was, so it may have been more!)
3)Reverse hyperextensions: 90x2x10
4)Hip thrusts: 175x10/195x10/10
5)Band clams: 2x15

1)Bench press: Worked up to 1 rep max- 145x1
2)Pin press: 135x3x5
3)Cable row: 70x10/90x10/10
4)Lat pulldown: 70x2x10
5)Pull-aparts: 2x12

1)Squat: 215x2x1 (beltless)
2)Wide stance box squat: 145x4x5
3)Glute ham raise: 3x10
4)Ab wheel rollouts: 3x12
4b)Band seated abductions: 3x15

1)Speed bench press: 6x3 @50% (75lbs)
2a)Incline bench press: 73x33x8
2b)Pullups: 2x8
3a) Lateral raise 3x10
 3b)Pull aparts 3x15
3b)Cable tricep pushdowns3x15
4)Single leg hip thrust: 4x12
10 rounds w/ light weight, alternating upper and lower handles


  1. Seeeeee??? You are stronger than you expected. I have no doubt you will surpass what you think you can do. You have the drive....just gotta get your technique perfected and then kick butt all the way to the competition! Awesome! Glad it was a great first week - AND...that you were sore again! That IS progress!! ~ Jen

    1. I sure hope so! if anything, it'll be fun training for it! Thanks so much! :)

  2. Eek! I'm so excited for you! Your numbers are already so high now - I just know you are going to kill it on comp day :)

    1. I just hope they will increase some, but I don't see how they wouldn't! Thanks!! :)


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