Just. Be. You.

"Can't achieve the same build as another woman? Awesome. Because she can't achieve the same build as you. She has a different anatomical structure, and both of you at your very best will look dramatically different yet equally beautiful depending on who you ask and what you're wearing.
So don't worry about what other people's bodies look like. You have a unique set of genetics and your bodybuilding lifestyle will determine the way those genetics are expressed.
You might have the potential to build a bubble butt. You might not. Work hard anyway. Squat. Hip thrust. Deadlift. See what your genetic potential has in store for your glutes. A muscular butt is a gorgeous butt no matter what shape it turns out to be, and that shape is going to be determined by a variety of factors including your bone structure and hip width.
Build your body and become your own flavor of beauty. Because nobody else can achieve that look but you."

-Dani Shugart-


  1. Brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing. I have always had a hard time comparing myself to the "long, lean and lovely" types, and I don't fit that tall, slender body type. With God's grace though, I'm learning to accept my own beauty and uniqueness just as I am, with what I can do and how God made me.

  2. beautiful words. thank you, sweetie


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