PrayFit Devotional

"Isn't it great to be refreshed and renewed?
To see the new week as an opportunity to grow in Christ?
To be excellent?
 To dream?
I agree. And guys, none of that will happen if we don't seek the Kingdom first every day. That's not spiritual banter, it's Biblical truth.
If I can be so bold, shame on us if we train and eat "perfectly" this week, but never crack open our Bibles or hit our knees in prayer.
Yes our workouts can be a form of worship and praise, but the first and highest form of honoring God with our bodies is to give Him our undivided attention with them.
Do this: Commit that you won't train unless you've had your quiet time; even if it's just a few minutes a day. Then commit that you won't miss a training session; like a catch-22 for the Christian athlete. Then seal it; ironclad.
Friends, that discipline will become dependence, and that dependence becomes devotion. You and I need to get to the point where we would rather drink dirt than ignore God for a good sweat. Our health is not about personal records, but about personal relationship. Besides, HE IS our personal best. HE IS our boast. The time we spend with Him is a direct reflection of how much we believe that.
Have a good week. Let's grow, let's dream, let's be dependent. Who's ready?"
-Jimmy (PrayFit)


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