Things I'm Loving, Fall Edition

Well, I know it's still officially Summer, but Fall is in definitely in the air! I think I finally just have to surrender and let go of Summer. :( As much as I hate to admit it, I do have to say that I'm enjoying the slightly cooler temperatures. It's nice being able to sit outside and sip on my coffee. But I will become a big baby once it gets below 65!

Plus, Fall means pumpkin everything. Including donuts. Yes, this is a pumpkin cheesecake donut from Krispy Kreme, and yes, it tasted just as delicious as it looks. Not one bit of regret or guilt after having these for my treat meal over the weekend.

Then, there's pumpkin french toast. I've been LOVING this meal lately-so easy to make and so yummy! Just dip the bread in a mixture of egg whites, a tsp of pumpkin, and cinnamon and pie spice. I've never been able to make good pancakes, so this is my pancake alternative!

And...pumpkin spice coffee. I just add a tad bit to the coffee grounds before brewing for a hint of spice. It's a lot healthier than those pumpkin spice creamers out there!

This isn't pumpkin, but I love this Laughing Cow cream cheese spread on a slice of cinnamon swirl or pumpkin bread for a yummy post workout treat. I saw someone post a picture of pumpkin bagels the other day that this would be sooo good on, so I'll have to get me some of those!

And of course, one of my very favorite fall treats-caramel apples! This will be an after dinner treat for me soon!

And cooler weather means being outside without dying of heat stroke. We got to babysit Celeste last weekend, and we decided to take her to the park with us since it was such a gorgeous day! She's so fun now that she's walking around and trying to talk. Love love love this little girl so much!

Oh, and speaking of my love for could I NOT buy this shirt? 


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