Training Recap Week 4

One month down, two to go! Here's this week's training recap:

For deadlift day Monday we did speed deads from a slight deficit(just standing on small weight plates). I have a hard time with being fast off the ground, so hopefully that will help some. Then it was RDLs, single leg reverse hypers, and then heavy hip thrusts for low reps this week, which I loved! Then of course, the dreaded hanging leg raises. This time I did straight leg raises(well, semi-straight) and did 4 sets of 10 because I suck and that's all I could do.

1)Speed deficit deadlifts with bands:  115x6x1
2)RDL: 175x3x8
3)Single leg reverse hypers: 45x12/55x2x12
4)Barbell hip thrusts w/2 second hold: 185x5/205x5/215x4x5 (10 second hold last rep, last set)
5a)Hanging leg raises: 4x10
5b)Band clams: 1x20(right)/2x20(left) / Seated abductions: 1x40

Wednesday -
For bench day I did board presses for the first time. They were so much fun, especially because you can go a little heavier because of the limited range of motion. I had to go to my husband's gym to have him help me with that. Then it was fat grip pin presses and back accessory lifts. Doing 3 sets of 10 chinups after the rows was NOT fun. The first set is really no problem for me, but after that I felt like my arms just did not want to move. Had to have Matt give me a little help on the last set! Then I finished up with farmer's walks and easy-ish prowler pushes for conditioning.

1)Bench(2 board)press: 135x3x3
2)Fat grip pin press: 115x5/ 125x2x5
3)Chest supported row: 35x2x10/40x2x10
4)Chinup: 10/ 8+2/10(with assistance from my trainer/husband!)
5)Seated DB reverse fly: 12x3x12
Prowler sprints
+ KB farmer's walks

This week was supposed to be squats with chains, but I don't have chains to use, so I just did them without them. :( Then it was more squats-wide stance squats and front squats. Then glute ham raises, which are actually becoming one of my favorite exercises now, when they used to be something I really struggled with. I love that he has me doing low reps holding a weight at my chest to really make it challenging. It's fun!

1)Box squats: 185x 3x3
2)Wide stance squats box squats: 145x2x5/150x2x5
3)Front squats: 105x3x8
4)GHR: 15x6/20x2x5
5a)Ab wheel:3x10 negatives
5b)Seated band abductions: 1x25/2x20

1)Speed press:(50%) 75x 9x3
2a)Incline press: 80x2x8/85x8
2b)BB glute bridge: 135x15/145x3x15
3a)Lateral raises: 3x10
3b)Band pullaparts: 3x15
3c)Tricep pushdowns: 3x15
Oh 1 arm carries + reverse sled drags

I'm having a lot of fun with my training still, but sometimes I start questioning myself. I find myself thinking things like... What did I get myself into? Who am I to think I can be a powerlifter?  I'm going to be totally out of place there....People are going to think I'm stupid.... What if I fail all my lifts? Gotta work on getting my mind right! I'm doing this for ME, no one else.  Who cares if I'm the weakest, smallest, whatever-I just want to be the best that I can be!


  1. Oh, you can't think like that!! Although it's completely normal as that's exactly how I felt going into my first competition. You are amazingly strong and you will do brilliantly! You will be surprised at how supportive everyone really is - no one will think you are stupid for trying.

    1. Ugh, I know! I really have to get that out of my head. Thanks so much! :)


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