Five Things Friday

1)I have a mock meet coming up this Sunday...and I'm nervous! I actually had a dream about it the other night, and I dreamt that I couldn't even squat 135-ha! I'm a little scared about being in front of everyone, people I don't know, or messing up and looking stupid. But I know it'll be good practice for the real meet. These came in the mail today...sooo things are getting pretty serious!

2)I had the opportunity to do an interview with recently-check it out!

3)One of the many things I love about Fall is chili! I had a craving for it the other day, so I had to make a run to the store to stock up on ingredients. It turned out so yummy and definitely hit the spot! Had to have it with some pb2 on a rice cake on the side... because you just gotta have pb with with chili!

The thing I love about chili is that is that you almost can't mess it up, for people who aren't great cooks, like me! Just throw stuff in a pot and you're good! I've experimented with different ways to make it, and I've found that I like this amount and combo of ingredients best:

1 small can tomato sauce(no salt added)
1 can diced tomatoes and green chiles
1 can chili beans(no salt added)
1 package Bloemer's chile powder
1.25 lbs 93% lean turkey
Then just brown the turkey and add to rest of ingredents and let simmer for about 20 minutes.

4)I'm loving Carrie Underwood's new song, "Something In The Water"! I just love her voice and her music. What songs are you loving lately?

5)Here are some really good articles I've read lately:

I am obsessed with the T-nation article Dani Shugart wrote. It's like I could have written it. Trying to find just one quote was close to impossible, because I loved so freakin' many of them!

 "Bodybuilding is inclusive. 
It just means that your main goal is growing muscle and achieving the look that comes with it. Because of this goal, you'll never go to the gym to compensate for a big meal, undo any holiday splurges, or punish yourself for missed workouts. 
It means the gym isn't a prison cell. It's your oasis. It's your place for growth."

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!  :)


  1. WOW - a mock already! Just wondering how it went. How did you feel? Did it help ease your concerns at all?? ~Jen

    1. Yeah, it was kind of a last minute thing. I felt pretty good and it was good practice for sure! I wouldn't say it eased my concerns, but I think it will give me more confidence come meet day!


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