Week 7 Training Recap

Well, the more I think about the mock meet last Sunday, the better about it I feel. I'm confident that with 8 more weeks of training, I'll hit that 225 squat, if not more, and that I'll also be able to increase my bench and deadlift as well. Comparing myself to the other girls was what got me down, but I'm reminding myself that this is not about me trying to beat anyone else. Right now, I'm competing with myself. I'm competing with that girl who says, "You're not a powerlifter. You don't belong here. You won't get stronger. You're going to fail." I'm going to prove her wrong.

I skipped rack pulls and RDLS Monday as advised by my trainer because of the meet the day before. Just did some accessory work for the glutes mostly and then abs.
1)BB Hip thrusts: 135x12/145x3x12
2)Single leg reverse hyper: 70x3x12
3a)Band lateral walks: 3x15
3b)Single leg foot elevated glute bridges: 3x15
4a)Hanging leg raises: 3x10
4b)Band Pull-aparts: 3x15-20


Met with  my trainer this week for bench day. We did what seemed like we did a million sets of bench with reverse bands. From what I gather, the bands take some weight off on the eccentric portion of the movement and at the bottom and gets harder towards the top, which allows you to handle a heavier weight and work on lockout strength. We're really working right now on my set up position and getting my chest up more to decrease the range of motion. I'm having a hard time getting my foot position right to get the leg drive while keeping my butt down. Getting the set up right is harder than the benching! This is a great article that talks about everything that goes into a good powerlifting bench press.

1)Reverse band bench press: 5x2 @175-180-180-185-185
(remember, the band takes some of the weight off, so I'm not actually lifting that much!)
2)Pin Press: 135x3/155x3
3)Chest supported Tbar row: 70x3x8
4)Single arm lat pulldown(neutral grip): 3x8
5)DB incline chest press: 27.5x8/35x3x8
tire drags/sprints + pullaparts(3x20)& DB carries(3x20ish seconds) between sets

So my issue at the mock meet was actually going too deep on squats. For powerlifting, you only have to go to parallel, so why waste any energy going lower than that? So I'm going to work on only going to parallel from here on out. I'm also having a little bit of an issue with my knees coming in a tad. All the abduction work I've been doing isn't really helping, so my trainer told me to start doing mini band squats in my warmups instead. The thing I was most excited to see in this workout was the Bulgarian split squats!  How sick and twisted does that make me? I love them! I like safety bar squats, but they're so weird, especially doing box squats. I tried to get fancy on my box jumps and hold a 10lb plate but ended up banging my shins up again, dang it! Tall socks will always be worn from here on out...cuz this is not cute.

1)Box safety bar squat: 4x2@ 165-170-170-170
2)Box jump: 6x3 30" (holding weight some sets)
3)Bulgarian split squat: 30x3x8
4)GHR: 12x3x8
5)Ab wheel: 3x12(negatives)

Saturday -Accessory Day
1)Speed press: 7x3 @55% (80lbs)
2a)BB glute bridge: 4x15(135/135/155/155)
2b)Incline bench press: 85x6/90x6/90x6 
3a)Lateral raise 3x10
3b)Pull-aparts 3x15
3c)Tricep pushdown: 3x15
Battle ropes(20 seconds) + Prowler push, 3 rounds
KB swings x10 + Prowler push, 3 rounds

"I believe that anyone with aesthetic goals can greatly benefit from powerlifting. 
Building a strength base and a foundation of quality muscle with powerlifting will help you add more muscle mass so you can sculpt a better physique. Today's powerlifter doesn't just focus on the squat, deadlift, and bench press. A good powerlifting program also incorporates assistance work to build muscle. More muscle mass usually means better aesthetics and also more strength in your "big three."

Even if you never plan to step on the stage or lift on the platform, your program should be based on the squat, deadlift, and bench press for strength and accessory or isolation work for muscle-building and aesthetics. You won't be disappointed!"
-Kellie Davis


  1. Hey, I wanted to thank you for all your posts. Im starting on a 5x5 Powerlifting program this week. Im still new to this Powerlifting thing but Ive been training long enough that I know what I can do and NOT do....Im really hoping this helps me get on the right track and really focus on Strength and what my body can do , not the scale. Just wanted to Thank you for all you do. You make a difference. :)

    1. Yay! I'm so happy to hear that! I really think you'll love it. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your 7 week exercises schedule, I really appreciate that. Can you please also tell me which bodybuilding supplements are good for our body? Have you heard about prohormones


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