Training Recap Week 12

Just 2 weeks until the meet!!! The countdown is on!

I feel like I'm finally actually getting fast on speed deadlifts! Still need to get faster off the floor, but it's getting better, I think! My back was a little tight this workout, but it didn't interfere with anything. Hip thrusts still feel great-I know I've definitely gotten a lot stronger on those! 

1)Speed deadlifts: 155x5x1
2)RDL: 175x5/185x5/195x3x5
3)BB hip thrust: 205x8/215x3x8
4)Reverse hypers: 100x3x12
5)Reverse crunch: 2x15/hanging knee raise w/straps: 2x12
6)Standing band abductions: 3x15


My trainer said that this week and next week will be slightly lower weights and lower volume on the main lifts. So Wednesday we just did bench singles at 125 with the pause, which we plan on being my opener. It felt pretty easy. Then did a couple singles of board presses at 160 which felt pretty good too. Basically just fried my lats after that and threw in a little extra tricep work.

1)Bench: 125x3x1
2)3 board press: 160x2x1
3)Wide grip cable row: 4x10
4)Cable straight arm pressdown: 3x12
5a)Band pullapart(slow eccentric) 3x8
5b)Band tricep pushdown(slow eccentric) 3x8

For squats Friday we just did a few sets of singles at the weight we plan on using for my opener. It's an easy weight, but it'll be good to start with something easy to calm my nerves. Then it was belt squats again, glute ham raises, and hip thrusts. I was happy to do ghrs again! :) And then I ended up getting a rep pr on hip thrusts-225 for 8 reps for 2 sets! 

1)Squat (opener): 185x3x1
2)Belt squats: 4x8
3)Glute ham raise: 15x3x8
4)Hip thrust: 185x8/205x8/225x8/8

After this workout, I had to take advantage of the warmer weather we had and do some sled drags outside through the neighborhood!  I just came home, threw a 20 pound dumbbell in my tire, and walked forward and backwards down the street. It's so much fun!

1)Speed press 60%: 85x8x2
2a)Incline bench press: 95x5/100x2x5
2b)Fat bar chinups: 4x8
3a)Cable face pulls: 3x15
3b)DB lateral raise: 17.5x3x10
3c)Tricep pushdown: 3x15
4)Ab wheel(from toes to the wall): 3x10

Sled walk-15 minutes 


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