Thanksgiving Thoughts

In past years on Thanksgiving, I've made my "things I'm thankful for" list, but this year I want to do something a little different.

While I think it's great to be thankful for everything we have and to recognize that it's all from God, I thought on this Thanksgiving that instead of thanking God for all the "things" He's blessed me with, I just want to simply thank Him for His presence in my life.
Looking back over my life, I see how God has always been there every step of the way.

Through the death of my Dad, He was there.
Through Matt's cancer and treatment, He was there.
Through Mom's car accident, He was there.
In all my anxieties and fears, He was there.

He has given me strength, peace, and comfort through all of the hard times I've been through. With Him in my life, I've never felt despair; I've never not had a hope to cling to. 

Looking back, I can see God's hand in everything...
As a teenager, my identity in Christ gave me the confidence to not go along with the crowd, even if that cost me friendships and popularity. He kept me on the right path and from being swayed by peer pressure.
I had prayed for a Christian husband since I was a young teenager, and just when I started to think there weren't godly men out there, He sent Matt into my life. 
Even though I was confused when my Dad died and couldn't understand why it happened, I still had comfort and hope, knowing that I'd see him again one day.
When Matt was diagnosed with brain cancer and then decided to have brain surgery, I had such peace through all of it. Looking back, I don't see how I wasn't freaking out!
He kept my mom alive after her car wreck and brought my family closer together through it all. 
He heard the prayers I that I had prayed every single day for my brother and sister, and He answered them and pulled them away from the destructive paths they were on.
And most recently, when I found myself becoming a slave to food, training, and my body image, He helped me to find freedom and balance.

Knowing Christ has shaped my life and who I am today-it has changed my mindset, filled my heart with gratitude, and given me wisdom, joy, hope, and freedom. He's saved me from myself and from being controlled by my sins to a life filled with joy and hope in Christ!  

I know that there will still be tough times ahead. But I also know that no matter what I go through, He will be with me through it all, as He has always been! He is faithful. And I am thankful.

"Every moment of my life
God, You never left my side
Every valley, every storm
You were there, You were there
I don't need to know what's next
You'll be with me every step
Through it all, through it all
I can see You carry me..."

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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