Training Recap Week 11

Only 2 more weeks of training left!!!

I think deadlift day is my favorite day. :) With the exception of hanging leg raises, which I still hate as much as I did on day one, I love working the posterior chain! Block pulls are really fun since you can go a little heavier. Hip thrusts felt really good today. I feel like I'm able to really use my glutes more now at a heavier weight. Now if the glutes would just freaking grow. I know they're fuller and rounder...just not really  much bigger I don't think. :/ I also love back extensions, but man do they get my hamstrings! Plus my low back was fried by the time I got to them.

1)Block pulls: 245x5x1
2)RDL: 155x8/175x6/185x6
3)BB hip thrust: 185x8/205x8/215x8
4)Back extensions: 25x3x12
5)Hanging straight leg raises(toes to bar): 4x10
6)Standing band abductions: 3x15

I still feel sucky on bench, but I really just think it's because I've never lifted this heavy of weight before or used the pause, so I'm used to the weights just flying up...and right now that's not happening! They're slow and ugly! I worked with my trainer this workout and we did bench with chains and then board presses, followed by heavy rows, some extra tricep and upper back work, and then pullups. My arms were absolutely fried after this workout, and the pullups were a struggle!

1)Bench with chains:  150(at top) x4x1
2)3 board press: 155x3x2
3)Bentover row: 95x8/115x3x8
4a)Band tricep pushdown: 3x12-15
4b)Behind the neck band pullaparts: 3x10
5)Pullups: x 8-7-6

Friday's workout was only 3 exercises. We started with chain squat singles. Then he had me do belt squats using the machine, which I had never done before. I love trying new things! I liked that I could really feel them in my glutes. It's great for working the legs without the stress on your back, which was good because my low back was fried from block pulls on Monday and then heavy bentover rows Wednesday, so it needed a break. Finished up with reverse hypers, and that was it! Sometimes you go in, hit the main lift hard, and get out.

1)Squat with chains: 185+40lbs in chains at top(225lbs) x4x1
2)Belt squat to box: 4x6-8
3)Reverse hypers: 90+bands x3x12-15

This week I was able to go a little heavier on incline presses. I even superset those with chinups.  I just didn't do glute bridges today just because they're so hard to set up, so I threw in some KB swings in between sets of sled pushes to hit the glutes. I also threw some abs in there too, since I didn't do them Friday. Still keeping my conditioning light-not easy, but definitely not trying to kill myself or use the most weight on the sled that I possibly can. I use enough weight to get a little out of breath and feel some burn in the legs, but not to complete exhaustion. I keep the rests short, but I don't time them or anything, just let my heart rate come down some between sets.

1)Speed press 60%: 85x7x2
2a)Incline bench press: 95x5/100x2x5
2b)Fat bar chinups: 3x8
3a)Band pullaparts:3x15
3b)DB lateral raise: 17.5x3x10
3c)Tricep pushdown: 3x15

Sled push 160lbs (one way) + KB swings (53lbs x4x12)
Sled drag 160lbs(one way) + ab pikes on ball(3x12)
Sled drags + Lsits(3x10 seconds)
Sled drags + band seated abductions (3x20)
I ended up doing a total of like 15 sled pushes/drags, but it was only down the turf one way, not down and back, so it only takes about 10-12 seconds.


  1. Sounds like a full week! Three! Do you happen to know how the meet is planned out yet? Do you know what you'll be starting with? Is it an early morning event or later in the day? Will you be eating anything additional for the day for extra energy or what is the 'standard'?

    So, are you sleeping well with all this training...or is it just pretty much same old thing as far as sleeping at night? I ask because I recently took up Crossfit to help vary my workouts and doing that a couple of times a week has really increased the 'dead factor' at night when I hit the sheets. Curious if your meet training has done this for you as well. Funny how the body can adapt so efficiently!

    Good job Lindsay - not much longer now...........yay!!


    1. Yup, it'll be squat first, then bench press, then deadlift. The meet starts at like 9 a.m. I think and will probably last until late afternoon. And yes, I'll have lot of snacks on hand for energy, just nothing super filling. Things like protein shakes, gatorade, pb & j sandwiches, banana, etc. My sleeping has really been the same.I usually get a good 8 hours on most nights. Thanks! I'm excited, and can't believe how the time has flown by!


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