Training Recap Week 9

Only 4 more weeks of training, what? I'm freaking out a little bit, not gonna lie. Sometimes I still think, why am I even doing this?? I hope I can get out of my head so I can relax and just have fun. Because that is really the main reason I'm doing this! I gotta stop with the "you're such a puny little weakling" thoughts. Haha. Gotta start thinking positive from here on out!


The  plan for Monday was to work up to a heavy single for deadlifts. I wasn't going for a PR, but I did want to go heavier than last month. I worked up to 240, but I should've probably done another set and went a little heavier. Oh well. The rest of the workout was pretty much the same as previous weeks, nothing new. Went a little heavier for hip thrusts this week.

2)RDL: 185x2x6
3)BB Hip thrust: 185x8/205x8/210x8/210x8
4)Single leg reverse hyper: 3x15
5)Hanging leg raises: 2x15/ Dragonfly/reverse crunch: 2x12


Trained with my coach Wednesday. My bench feels SO weak lately. I know it's to be expected from adding the pause in, but I still hate it! I know it'll just take some getting used to, and hopefully I'll get stronger in the next few weeks. Can't get frustrated about it!  Plus, I didn't sleep well the night before and was also a little hungry since I worked out later than I normally do. Didn't do anything out of the ordinary this workout. Did a couple sets of partial range bench presses with a pause, then some back and extra tricep work to finish up. Elbow is feeling pretty good, so that's a relief!

1)Bench press w/pause: 125x5x2
2)Half rep paused bench press: 110x 2x5
3)Wide grip seated cable row: 3x8
4)Lat pulldown: 3x12
5)DB lying tricep extension: 3x10

I'm so happy to be doing regular squats now and not box squats! They felt pretty good, but I wish I would've went a tad heavier. I think next week we'll be using a belt, but up to this point, all squats have been beltless. I did seated box jumps for the first time, which I actually thought were a little easier than regular box jumps. Then it was Bulgarian split squats, my fave! My left leg felt so much weaker on these than normal today for some reason. Finished up with ghrs and abs.

1)Squat: 195x5x2
2)Seated box jump: 3x3
3)Bulgarian split squats: 30x8/35x8
4)Glute ham raise: 10x2x8/12x8
5a)Ab wheel: 2x10 from toes to a wall/ 1x12 negatives
5b)Seated band abductions: 3x20


1)Wide grip fat bar pullups: 3x6
2)Speed press: 5x3 @55% (80lbs)
3a)BB glute bridge:135x15/145x3x15
3b)Incline bench press: 85x6/90x6/90x6
4a)Lateral raise: 3x10
4b)Face pulls: 3x15
4c)Tricep pushdown:3x15
Sled drag/sled push (about 8-10 seconds each way)x10 sets +
1 arm overhead carries (25 seconds x 4) & Lsit holds between each set


  1. Well, Lindsay, you are not a puny, little weakling. You just have high expectations for yourself and you love to aim high - everyone should! Problem is, when you aim high, there is always room for self-doubt. I would be worried if you weren't aiming high (and just aiming for the middle) and then had self-doubt. But, you aren' are steppin' out of your comfort zone and kickin' butt. This is all about making you better. There is nothing that you are doing right now that in any way is keeping you 'in the middle'. I am very proud of your drive to do this and have every confidence that you will learn a lot and be able to grow from this experience. That's what it's all about!

    It's always hard to listen outside of our own doubts - but, in the end, you are steppin' up to the plate and that is 80 % of the battle. I just can't wait until your meet - I also can't wait to see how it has given you additional confidence and how that will be reflected for you!!! ~Jen :-)

    1. Ahh, thank you for the enouragement! I just can't seem to get rid of the doubts and the fears that I'm not really getting stronger. But you're right, it's all about getting out of my comfort zone and learning and growing!
      Thanks again! :)


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