Thursday Thoughts

Welp, the weird dreams about the meet have begun! I had one dream the other night where we showed up at the wrong place or something, so I missed the first 2 lifts and was devastated. Then I had another weird one last night that I can't remember that well, but it had something to do with squats.

I've got my "outfit" all ready to go! I mean, if you have to wear a singlet, you might as well try to make it as cute as possible, right? Socks are required for deadlifts, but I'm just going to wear them the whole time!

As far as training this week, Monday I just did some really light singles of squats and deadlifts. Yesterday I just did some light bench singles and then a little light accessory work-face pulls, pushdowns, lateral raises, single leg hip thrusts and some easy sled drags. Nothing but a walk and mobility today and no workout on tomorrow. The meet is a couple of hours away, so we're leaving around mid-day tomorrow to check into the hotel and weigh in.

I've been really making sure to eat enough this week, especially on the days I don't work out, since normally I'd want to cut back. The only thing is that I have one less meal(my post workout shake and carb), but everything else is the same. I want to be at my strongest the day of the meet, so no cutting back on carbs. I've been sleeping really good lately, so I'm happy about that! These next few days will be the true test since I'll be getting more and more nervous!

I've got most of the important things packed-belt, socks, shoes, and singlet. It would be awful to forget any of those things!! Tomorrow I'll get all my snacks ready for the trip and for the day of the meet. I plan on bringing apples, bananas, nuts, quest bars, pb and j sandwiches, protein powder, and my bcaas to sip on during the day.

On the mental side, I'm working really hard on blocking ALL negative thoughts that pop up. Because they are still popping up....I'm just not letting them stay there!! Telling myself it will be great, and I'm going to just have fun!


  1. GOOD LUCK LINDSAY!!! You will be great! I will be thinking of you this weekend and I can't wait to hear about how you do! Have so much fun!!

  2. Pretty much what I was going to say (see first comment). Have an excellent time and enjoy! Think of how much you've already cool.

    As far as those scary thoughts....when they hit....just visualize them taking the "Y" in the road and you are headed one way (the right way - and they are heading off on their own - the 'wrong' way). You will never have to see them again - they can't back track as it is a one-way street (giggles). You can laugh, but it does work!

    Remember to sparkle!!

    We will anxiously await the updates!

    ~Jen :-)

  3. Good luck, Lindsay! I can't wait to hear all about it :) Stay positive and smash it! Oh and you look better in a singlet than 99% of people haha

  4. Peace! A day full of peace in what otherwise could be an overwhelming environment.


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