Weekend Pics and Workouts Of The Week

Came home Friday from work to this from my sweet husband. 
We don't do big birthday celebrations, just usually dinner at our favorite restaurant. Saturday we went to Longhorn since they have my favorite dessert ever-chocolate stampede! 
I maaay have overdone it a bit, since I ate my whole meal plus my half of the dessert. But it was worth it. :)
Sunday was my mom's side of the family Christmas get together, so I got to see Celeste, yay! Didn't stuff myself since I had so much food the day before. I just loaded up on turkey and green beans, with a a few bites of mashed potatoes. Okay...and maybe a bourbon ball or two. ;) Every Christmas party doesn't have to be a "free-for-all"!

Last week was another week of not following a plan, pretty much just making up my workouts as I went. I realized later that I ended up doing a finisher after every workout, which I normally don't do. But because I still wasn't doing the big, heavy lifts this week, my workouts were shorter, and I guess just had more energy at the end to do a little something extra! Definitely won't be a regular thing. 

1)1 arm overhead press: 35x6/30x8/30x8/25x8
2a)Tbar row: 45x3x10
2b)Pushups on dumbbells: 3x10
3)Pullups(20 total reps): 6-4-4-4-2
4a)DB lateral raise: 3x12
4b)DB bentover lateral raise: 3x10
Trap bar farmer's walks 5x30 seconds + Lsits

1)BB Bulgarian split squats: 70x3x8
2)Hack squats: 3x12/Goblet squat: 55x1x15
3)Back extensions: 20x3x15
4a)Single leg hip thrust: 3x10
4b)Seated band abductions: 3x15-20
5a)Calf raises: 3x12
5b)Reverse crunches: 3x12
12 swings/12 lunge jumps, 3x 

1)Handstand pushups: 10x3 (30-45 second rest)
2a)DB floor press: 35x3x10(slow eccentric and with pause at bottom)
2b)Lat pulldown: 3x10
3)Dips:(giant rest pause set) x30(12-8-6-4) w/20 second rest
4)Feet elevated inverted rows: (giant rest pause set) x30(8-6-5-5-6) w/20 second rest
5)EZ bar bicep curls: 3x10
Battle ropes: 4x30 seconds + Handstand hold between sets

1)Front squats: 85x8/95x8/105x8/8 
2)Hip thrusts: 185x10/10/155x15
3)Glute ham raise: 3x10-12
4a)Prowler push: 8 sets of 10 seconds, working up to 300lbs
4b)Band clams 2x15/X-band walks:2x15
5)Ab wheel rollouts(negatives): 3x10


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